Lukwago Labels MP Naggayi “Foolish”

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I have read in the press a vexatious statement made by my sister Hon. Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala wherein she insinuates that if I want to resume my duties at City Hall, I must apologise to president Museveni and other tormentors.

I have always stated in various fora that under normal circumstances, any reasonable person would not find anything intrinsically wrong with the idea of a city Lord Mayor having a principled dialogue with a sitting head of state or any other government official regardless of their political persuasion.

The folly of Hon. Nabilah’s proposal is the innuendo that I committed an offence against the person of the president which unfortunately, has never been particularised up now.

She could even be suggesting that I hold the office of the Lord Mayor at the pleasure of the president as opposed to the Will of the people.

Hon. Nabilah and her ilk may construe my position as sheer recalcitrance but am convinced beyond all shades of doubt that it would be foolhardy for me to capitulate on the core values of constitutional governance at the altar of returning to the Lord Mayor’s parlour.


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