Medic: Why Men Love Sex More than Women

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According to experts, although demand for sex is inborn to some men, to others it’s a behavioural thing.

Dr. Zephyrian Kamushaaga, an expert in marriage and relationships, told ChimpLyf that there are seven main reasons why men demand for sex all the time compared to their female counterparts.

1. Biologically, it’s the order of nature, linked to the amount of hormones in the body system.

Men with alot of hormones have very high sexuality levels.

2. The size of the male sexual organ is also responsible for a man’s sexuality.

Men with bigger ones are compelled to over demand for sex as compared to men with small ones because the rate of blood flow is very high which provides more stimulation of the sperms.

3. Whereas other men have different behaviours, some men actually just have less of self-control.

Just a mere look at a half naked woman is enough to raise their sexual urge hence an increased demand for sex.

4. The fact that men always keep thinking of their sexual organs because they are always hanging right in front of them raises the urge to have sex.

5. On the other hand, some men are being compelled by drugs to demand for sex.

Drugs like alcohol, marijuana, shisha, cocaine, stimulate sexual feelings. That is why some men take drugs before having sex because they believe they can perform better when intoxicated.

6. Seemingly, demand for sex also depends on who you are doing it with.

Most men tend to “go crazy” while having sex with ladies they have never had sex with.

The mindset is focused on finding out what is new, compared to the persons they knew before, and that’s why when men just look at and admire a lady they have never had sex with, they immediately get spiced up.

7. Sex being part and partial of all living beings, men just want to have it without a clear reason; just to fulfil nature.

Interestingly, the medic advises men to always ensure that they get enough sex, especially when they are stressed up because this helps to calm down the neurons which would later cause headache.

He also cautions against using drugs which in the long run make men impotent.

“This is because the strong action of the drug stiffens the penis beyond the normal point which affects the performance of the nerves therein; overuse of drugs compels one to commit rape.”

Dr Kamushaaga, however, advised female counterparts to always take too many fluids because as this helps in the production of virginal lubricants which stimulate sex feelings.


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