Mulago Hospital Plagued by Illegal Water Connections

cure geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The illegal connections, viagra which started as far back as 2004 and were authorized by a one Ms. Alison Kantarama, then Principal Hospital Administrator, now Assistant Commissioner Support Services, increased the water and sewerage bill leading to the recent disconnection.

The Executive Director, Mulago Hospital, Dr. Baterana Byaruhanga, who Friday met the Parliament Committee on Health, said the water disconnection was in one way helpful since it has helped the Hospital establish the extent of the problem.

“When water was cut off, many other anomalies were discovered. We discovered that the entire village and neighborhood were connected to the Mulago Hospital water meter,” said Dr. Byaruhanga adding, “The entire village went dry.”

The Committee on Health had invited the Hospital administration to explain the water problem and related issues affecting its operations.

Dr. Byaruhanga said that by February 18, 2014, the Hospital had paid up to Shs 807m from their annual water budget of Shs 1.07b, although two weeks later, NWSC sent a notice of arrears amounting to Shs 5.9b. After another two weeks, NWSC delivered a disconnection notice with a bill of Shs 6.5b and disconnected the hospital’s water supply.

“This discrepancy shows that the Hospital had consumed over Shs 527m within two weeks, a figure that was not realistic,” he explained.

Dr. Byaruhanga said that Mulago village stretches from the junction to the hospital at Old Kiira Road, up to Mawanda Road and includes the former Victoria University. He said that some of the properties pay to NWSC, but that the Hospital also pays their bills since their water flows through the Mulago meter.

He said that 35 institutions, some of which are now independent, are connected to the Hospital meter; including Makerere Medical School, Baylor College, and the Nurses and Midwives College among others.

Following an inter ministerial meeting held on March 27, 2014 involving the Ministries of Health, Water and Finance, it was resolved that water supply be reconnected to the Hospital; a verification team be formed comprising the Ministry of Finance, NWSC and Mulago Hospital to ascertain the arrears and quantify the consumption of illegal connections.

Dr. Byaruhanga said that the verification team will also study the possibility of all independent institutions owning separate meters and also recommend the accurate figure of arrears to the Ministry of Finance.

“Through a series of meetings, stakeholders were given sub meters by the hospital management and were to pay for their consumption. A total of 47 sub meters were created between March to November 2013,” he said.

The Chairperson of the Committee, Dr. Kenneth Omona, said the Committee would carry out an on-site inspection of the Hospital on Monday April 7, 2014.

The Committee also resolved to invite the Minister of Health and Ms. Kantarama to discuss issues to do with Mulago Hospital.

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