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Mbabazi, Kayihura in Spy Tapes Battle

online http://chios.ro/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to the tapes which Chimpreports has accessed, http://comerydivertirse.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-error.php Kayihura is heard offering shs1m as “facilitation” to strengthen cooperation with the Alex Kasirivu, http://copdx.org.au/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php an NRM youth mobiliser.

The Police boss further urges Kasirivu to stay in touch with him for closer cooperation.

In the recordings, Kayihura wonders why Jacqueline Mbabazi, who is the wife to embattled Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, chose to be “our enemy.”

He affirms that Ms Mbabazi was part of the “system” until recently when her behaviour became unpredictable.

The youth member tells Kayihura that he can fix the situation before the IGP dismisses him: “Ok, we will stay in touch; we will give you more facilitation to do the work.”

The tapes come hardly a week when Ms Mbabazi threatened to publish recordings of Kayihura “coaching” youth to frame Mbabazi, former military intelligence boss, Brig James Mugira and Internal Affairs Minister Aronda Nyakairima as supporting the Premier’s 2016 presidential bid.

“Kayihura has been rounding up the youth, interviewing them, and these are the youth he believes are working with me. Him and his lumpens have been coaching these youth to make certain allegations and I even had a chance to record him,” charged Ms Mbabazi in a recent interview.

She added: “I have recorded him. In this recording which I am going to make publicly available, the IGP and one fellow, Sebina, were coaching a youth called Kasirivu from Kayunga District. I have played this recording for the President to listen.”

Kayihura responds

Gen Kayihura rubbished Ms Mbabazi’s accusations which he said were a result of panic as police intensifies investigations into criminal activities within the NRM.

“Rushing to the media with personal and misguided attacks against the IGP won’t do. I will not go down the unprofessional route of undermining the investigation and court process, by engaging in a public discussion of the merits of a case already before court,” Gen Kayihura said in a statement last week.

“I would like to make it categorically clear: I have not coached any person,” Gen Kayihura said. He said he receives a lot of information and treats it scientifically to sieve truth from lies.

Regarding the case against the youth leaders, he said that the fact that they were charged “means both the investigators and the DPP are convinced that the sum total of the evidence in their possession discloses a sanctionable offence.”


Observers say the recordings may not implicate Kayihura in framing government officials as alleged by Ms Mbabazi since there is no evidence in the tapes where the IGP is heard paying the informer to do nasty things.

Police officials said paying informers is part of Kayihura’s work in gathering intelligence information.

“If you have listened to those recordings, Kayihura expresses shock that Ms Mbabazi chose to leave the system. This is reverse psychology in interviewing informers. He intended to get as much information and clarifications as possible,” said a police source who preferred anonymity as he is not authorised to speak to the press.

The source added: “In fact, because of Kayihura’s friendly attitude the informer makes some proposals but the IGP simply responds: ‘Ok, let’s keep in touch and work together (meaning he is ready to receive more information from the chap).”

Chimpreports understands that after scrutinising the information, Police will not make any official statement in the near future.

Reverse effect

During this website’s investigation, it was established that the recordings in fact implicate the Mbabazis more than Kayihura.

Kasirivu is heard accusing Mbabazi of infiltrating government institutions with moles as he prepares for a “bigger mission.”

Kasirivu, who claims to have mobilised support for Mbabazi in 2005 when the latter stood for Secretary General, also narrates to Kayihura how Ms Mbabazi and daughter Nina paid him a surprise visit after several years of “dumping him.”

Kasirivu further pins Mbabazi as telling him that Museveni is not very dependable and trustworthy.

The developments come at a time of heightened tensions between Museveni and Mbabazi as the pair struggles for power ahead of the 2016 elections.

While Mbabazi has consistently denied mobilising support for presidency, the President’s strategists believe the Secretary General means the opposite.

During this weekend, NRM MPs will travel to their constituencies to promote Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in the 2016 polls, a move rejected by Mbabazi’s allies.

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