Amid Material Theft, Work At Kasubi Tombs Picks Up


check nurse geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Kaddu Kiberu, sildenafil the chairman for this reconstruction work, pledged before the Katikiro that in his next evaluation tour to the site, roofing of the tombs which is in progress will be done.

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The Treasurer for the Reconstruction Project, Guster Lule Ntake, informed the Katikiro that they have remained with Shs 1.3bn on the construction account.

Kasubi tombs new outlook

At the same function, the Katikiro revealed that Buganda will set up a cultural village and a museum at Kasubi tombs estimated to cost Shs 1.4bn.

“Many people look at Kasubi tombs as a place they have to visit once a year but our plan is to turn the site into a regular tourism attraction and a source of Revenue to the Kingdom,” Mayiga explained.

Katikkiro being shown the detailed plan

He added that all the 54 clans of Buganda will be allocated space which they will use to demonstrate their cultural duties, not only to educate people but also generate Revenue for the Kingdom.

This project which will kick off any time from now is expected to be finalized within a period of two years.

Progress can be seen

Kasubi tombs is a burial ground for the Buganda Kings and one of the major tourist attractions in Uganda.

It was recognised in 2001 as one of top world’s heritage sites by UNESCO.

Materials stolen

Meanwhile, Police in Nakulabye are holding five men for allegedly stealing 8 bags of cement from the Kasubi tombs construction site.

The suspects were hunted down by the Nakulabye police after receiving several complaints from the storekeeper that these men had signed for an abnormal number of building materials compared to the work that they were doing.

Katikkiro with priests from Ggaba seminary

D/ASP Arthur Twinamatsiko, the OC CIID Nakulabye Police Post, says they stormed the residences of the builders and recovered several building materials; cement, nails, iron bars, among others.

The five builders who have been arrested include Denis Etyang, David Etoni, Willy Opoka, Katende Juma and Joseph Kyaligonza.

“We will make more inquiries from the tombs management before parading them before courts of law where they will be charged for theft,” Twinamatsiko said.

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