Kyambadde Tips Rwenzori Youth On Job Creation

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“I advise the youth not to be emotional in taking decisions but be humble if you are to be successful. I assure you that you are a resource who can take a step and transform yourselves into better people in society,” she said.

“The youth stage is a rightful one when you should design a concept paper of what you want to achieve, what you want to be or how people should perceive you in society. The youth are an asset because you constitute 65% of Uganda’s 34 million population.”

She highlighted on some of the opportunities for the youth to participate in and get money as agriculture to start with vegetables, craft materials, exporting skills and knowledge to countries like Rwanda and Burundi where teachers are highly demanded for English language.

The national Youth Chairman, Mr. Samuel Kavuma, said the ministry of Finance has already released Shs 19bn under the Youth Livelihood Programme.

“I assure you that you will get this money only if you are in groups of 10 or 15 members because it’s easy to supervise and monitor groups than individuals. But in every group, 30 percent must be females because they have been left out”.

“The funds are not limited to any kind of enterprise but as long one proves that it’s a business venture. It’s free for the first year but in the second and third years, there will be an interest of 5%. The district youth chairpersons will not benefit in this programme but will be responsible for, selection of the beneficiaries, supervision and monitoring of the funds at the sub county level”.

Lt. Col.Henry Matsiko who coordinates promotion of patriotism in secondary schools in Uganda, told the youth to accept mentorship from leaders of all categories.

He advised them to spend 50 percent of their time preparing what to do and avoid thinking that things are done automatically.


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