Opposition Weighs In On School Girls Killings

tadalafil sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>For each of the horrific acts of violence against these innocent girls, what is ed government faces a number of unanswered questions, said Democratic Party Women’s League head, Ms Maxencia Takilambule, on Tuesday.

“We feel threatened as society, as parents and more especially as mothers. Our hearts are bleeding when government takes this as any other ordinary matter, and murderers remain at large.”

Maxencia was speaking in line with a series of recent gruesome murders of school-going girls in Kampala, the latest being Joan Namazzi 17, who was killed in cold blood in Kyambogo after her parents failed to raise a Shs 2m ransom for her kidnappers.

She followed several others like Peninnah Kobusigye, a Makerere Student, Emily Akile of MUBS, among others who went down in a few months space.

“Despite, a lot of government progresses in making laws to address this violence, whose main victims are women and young girls, news keep coming of another death, we burry, our daughters and assailants remain at large,” she told press.

Besides futile manhunts of the murderers by police, Maxencia said, cases are vaguely handled and investigated.

“In the meantime we are seeing the same government investing heavily in acquisition of equipment to torture political opposition, when reports from UBOS show that 56% of women in the country aging 16 and above have experienced Gender Based Violence.”

Maxencia, who is also the founder Lungujja Health Centre Community Organisation, appealed to government to empower local people to hunt down perpetrators of such atrocities committed in their neighbourhood, especially now that police had exhibited ineptitude in handling the cases.


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