Congo National Assembly Rejects INEC Probe

buy symptoms sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The request which was initiated by the opposition member, help Emery Bailey, page was rejected at the end of a plenary which was held behind closed doors.

The lower House has estimated that this approach is unconstitutional and thinks that it cannot control the Electoral Commission because it is independent.

However, MP Emery Okundji, one who has tried to get this inquiry has refuted the allegations that the National Assembly cannot control the INEC because it is independent.

“I heard a pitch like what the National Assembly cannot control the INEC because it is independent. There was not a solid argument to reject this question of the inquiry,” Okundji was quoted.

According to him, his approach was to ask for more light on the election file and the continuation of the process.

The Emery Okundji opponent declares fight for noble goals to be addressed and transparent elections.

“All what I did as an act is to prevent my country from disorders to avoid tensions to each holding of elections because there’s no transparency in the management of the electoral thing,” he said.

It further regrets that “the people have more confidence in the electoral process and the elections authority”.

“And we who are elected, we suffer from this crisis of legitimacy because we have not been properly elected. I then asked an act as a national member. I call the people to witness. Only history will tell. We are concerned about transparency in the electoral process,” he concludes.



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