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Photos: Pro-Amama Youth Released On Bail

pill geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Mr Omodo-Omodo, generic 29, sickness the national vice chairperson of the northern region – NRM Youth League, and Mr Adam Luzinda Buyinza, 31, the national vice chairperson of NRM Youth League Kampala, were remanded to Luzira last month on charges of corruption.

The two are accused of abusing their authority when they fraudulently induced and tricked the NRM and fraudulently solicited, bribed, induced and tricked its members and mobilisers into signing a petition to convene a delegate’s conference to challenge the party resolutions.

The two being led to coolers before release

Grade One Magistrate Michael Lagara last month denied the suspects bail despite the intervention of Ms Jacqueline Mbabazi, the Prime Minister’s wife, also the chairperson of the NRM Women’s League.

When they returned to court today, each of their sureties was requested to pay Shs 200,000 non-cash.

Jacqueline Mbabazi was present too

The two return to court on May 2, 2014.

In their submission, the advertiser’s lawyers led by Chris Bakiza noted that the charges are available because the offenses against the accused are not so grave.

Tight security

They further explained that the accused were first offenders and their sureties were substantial.

Grade one magistrate Lagara, therefore, accepted to give them bail.

The two leaving court

However, they are still detained pending further logistical issues.


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