Bebe, Fat Boy In Cold War


more about http://chuaxuattinhsom.info/wp-includes/feed-rss.php geneva; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>Bebe Cool, tadalafil who is known for starting quarrels in the entertainment industry, cialis 40mg has in the last few days ratcheted up rhetoric against deejays who prefer playing foreign music at the expense of “killing” local music and frustrating upcoming artistes.

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While Bebe has a good argument given that majority of Kampala Deejays prefer Nigerian and Jamaican music to local content, the manner in which he presented his case touched off a storm in the industry.

Fat Boy was explicit: “This man does not understand how the radio industry works. They are not charities. They exist to make money. If Ugandan artists want their songs played on radio, they need to make GOOD music.”

He added: “As it is, very few Ugandan songs make the cut as ‘good’, and that’s why you don’t hear a lot of it on the airwaves. I like Bebe Cool as a person, but I’ll be frank, to me his music ain’t all that. And I feel the same about most other Ugandan artists’ songs. And if patriotism is important to Bebe Cool, then why does he pretend to be a Jamaican?”

Fat Boy provocatively pointed out that “Him (Bebe) and most other ‘local artists’ are essentially imitators, the market typically prefers the real thing to these guys. Why listen to Bebe Cool when there is Konshens? Why listen to Cindy when there is Nyanda? I think you get the point.”

Bebe loses Cool

This rubbed Bebe the wrong way.

He charged: “I am so disappointed with Fat Boy of SANYU FM, at your age by now and all the time you have worked at that one radio station, you should be knowing the national anthem and the Uganda Motto(For God And My Country). Nothing personal but respect your age and your radio because sincerely this is shameful. First you should be reminded that Sanyu Fm has my music playing for the last ten or more years, Cindy the same. Your station pays to the Uganda music society because it plays local songs.”

The singer further roared: “Big Ben has a countdown which has always had local songs. Just to remind you, you are a DJ not a program’s director (PD) meaning the PD knows better than you when it comes to music hence he selected my and Cindy’s music. Music is selected for u to play and u not liking my music does not mean it’s not good because music is good or bad depending on one’s ear and choice. (Don’t do as I do but do as I say).”

Bebe Cool also urged Fat Boy “to grow up, don’t just grow fat.”


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