Bebe Warns DJ Beekay: I’ll Fight to the End


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You said you don’t have my songs on your playlist because they are not good for you and that I should pick a leaf from your choice artiste.

Well, I think you need to know that you used to work at Sanyu FM and now you work at X FM.

Simple to evaluate, if you had a good playlist, you would still be at radio Sanyu.

Beekay, you need to learn how to read and digest people’s statuses, then comment.

You say am popular, do you think I give out eggs to be popular or do good music?

Hoping you even know the difference between fame and popularity.

Grow up, when I wrote about playing Ugandan music more than Nigerian music; I was simply calling on patriots not losers.

To all the other DJs, kindly push more of yours because these are you brothers and sisters trying to work so hard.

The late Philly, Elly Wamala, Paul Job Kafero, were supported and pushed by home people despite quality and type of music.

Lastly, when climbing a tree, you don’t start from the leaves, you start from the stem.

Uganda music has come from so far to be here.

I am Ugandan, I will fight for Ugandan.

No disrespect to Nigeria, am only fighting for my country too.



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