Radio, Weasel, Managers Wrestle Over Money

find http://cippico.com/wp/wp-includes/requests/hooker.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Reports base Goodlyfe crew wrangles on several reasons which range from finance to personal.

While the pair rubbishes media reports as rumours, ChimpLyf has learnt that the battle has now shifted to their two managers, Jeff Kiwanuka alias Kiwa and Alan Kiwanuka over money issues.

Weasle’s manager, Alan is accusing Radio’s manager Jeff of not sharing the monies accrued from a deal Radio signed with Tigo Communication Company in Rwanda.

It is believed that as a group, money attained used to be shared among the four which wasn’t the case this time round.

This has set the camp on fire.

“From September last year, Radio’s behaviour changed given the fact that he opened up a new bar called Soldiers in Wandegeya where he now spends most of his life,” noted a source in Makindye.

He added that after Radio got fully committed to his wife Lillian, the time given to the group is now minimal, a clear indication that the he is soon breaking up with the group.

However, in February, at the onset of split rumours, Radio told ChimpLyf that haters were bent on upsetting the group but had no intentions of leaving Goodlyfe.


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