Minister: Gov’t Should Cut Deal with Lukwago

what is ed web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>State Minister for Regional Cooperation Asuman Kiyingi said “we may need to do some kind of deal with Hon. Erias Lukwago. That has always been my prayer.”

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The latest statement from Kiyingi underscores the discomfort of some government officials in regard to the drama surrounding Lukwago’s impeachment.

The Mayor was first removed from office by the KCCA Councillors meeting which relied on the resolutions of the KCCA Tribunal.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire found Lukwago culpable for abuse of office and incompetence.

The matter was challenged in the High Court which issued a ruling barring KCCA and Presidency Minister from acting on the tribunal’s recommendations until a substantive petition is heard and disposed off.

Despite the existence of this ruling, Lukwago was blocked from accessing his office.

The High Court later said Lukwago was free to return to office and blasted the Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze and Attorney General Peter Nyombi for defying a court order before holding a KCCA Councillors’ meeting that impeached the Mayor.

The duo denies having received an authentic order halting the Councillors’ meeting.

However, a few hours after Lukwago had returned to office, Court of Appeal Justice Kavuma issued another order blocking Lukwago from resuming his activities as Mayor.

It’s this chain of dark events that seem to have rattled the likes of Kiyingi.

Kiyingi speaks out

“I am inclined to agree more with the lower court’s decision to have the Lord Mayor back in office,” said the Minister on Monday.

“Not that he is spotless or faultless but that he is the choice of the people and, as you rightly note, largely ceremonial with most of the power with the Executive Director (ED). Why box a crippled man so hard? The tremendous and laudable work done by the ED in her short stint should not be marred by this endless farcical drama,” he added.

Kiyingi counselled that “Lukwago should commit to a riot free reign and government works with him. We should not strain our courts with too much politics. We may destroy them in the end.”

The Minister further suggested that the Lord Mayor should tone down his rhetoric.

“I have heard him use extremely intemperate language against the person of the President and government that creates the impression that his sole objective as Mayor is to create an opposition sub- authority in the city and paralyze government work here. This must stop.”

On Monday, Tumwebaze maintained the impeachment of the former Lord Mayor was done in accordance with the law and ”we shall prove with evidence that whatever actions we did as the government officers commanded by the KCCA law to act, was all in accordance with the law and that we were executing our statutory obligations and nothing else.”

He added: “I hope my friend Elias Lukwago and his allies in the opposition will respect the ruling of this appellant court, as they always want others to, and prepare for a full scale legal contest, without trying to seek quick wins through legal short cuts.”

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