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Another Female Student Kidnapped

web geneva;”>pills sans-serif; color: #222222;”>According to Idi Ibin Ssenkumbi, this web the Police Publicist Kampala Metropolitan, the girl (names withheld, for purposes of investigation) who is a student at Seeta High School Green Campus, went missing and ever since, purported kidnappers have been calling the mother of the girl to send them money or else her daughter will be killed.

Ssenkumbi adds that the mother reported the matter to police which started hunting them, but eventually the girl surfaced.

“We are interrogating the girl to find out whether the kidnap was real or staged so that the girl extracts money from her mother, but so far the information we have, is that the purported kidnappers took away Shs 400,000 that the girl had as she was getting to school that day,” Ssenkumbi revealed.

In the earlier incidence, where Joan Namazi was kidnapped and later killed, police has so far arrested five people, one being a woman who had the phone that the kidnapers were using to receive money from the deceased’s parents.

The five are being held at Central Police Station Kampala and they are suspected to have a link in the crime.

Ssenkumbi adds that the delay in the investigation of the girl’s kidnap and death has been mainly caused by telephone companies that have not been so cooperative.


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