14 Candidates Petition UPC Electoral Commission

Uganda House the UPC headquarters

Presidential aspirant Hon Amama Mbabazi will be nominated by two MPs from FDC and NRM during tomorrow’s function at Namboole Stadium, approved http://ccimiowa.com/wp-includes/admin-bar.php it has emerged.

FDC’s Beatrice Anywar and NRM Kween County MP Abdi Fadhil Kisos Chemaswet are first to break ranks with their political parties to support a rival candidate in the 2016 elections.

Mbabazi appears at the Electoral Commission Nomination Centre at Namboole on November 3.

From there, http://coastcakes.co.uk/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-comments-list-table.php Mbabazi will address a rally at Nakivubo stadium.

As we write this, Michael Mabikke is currently addressing a pre-nomination press conference at Go Forward headquarters in Nakasero, Kampala.

FDC recently warned of consequences should their members support Hon Mbabazi.


However, the Kitgum Woman MP, Beatrice recently accused Dr Besigye of double standards and selfishness.

“What is wrong with welcoming Amama Mbabazi? If we came into government, Museveni [safety] should be secured,” Anywar was quoted by The Observer as saying.

“The NRMs who have done bad things in this country – there should be a reconciliation [for them], they should be forgiveness, otherwise we are going to continue being in war. That is why I am giving a challenge and a burden of challenge to Dr Besigye as a founding member of this party [FDC].”

Anywar was responding to opposition leaders’ rejection of Mbabazi’s Joint Presidential Candidature on grounds that his name was tainted by corruption allegations.

“We welcomed him, didn’t we know?! That is double double standards and that is what I don’t want and I don’t want to be a party [to]. Is this how this country has to move? Me Beatrice Anywar NO!”

The latest development proves that Mbabazi will partly rely on opposition figures and their structures to mobilise for presidency.

It has as well sparked concerns that many other MPs especially from FDC could join Go Forward.
Hon Amama Mbabazi’s lawyers have claimed that their client faces arrest any time from now, sildenafil http://cccnt.com.au/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/file.php Chimp Corps report.

“We have got intelligence information which we have verified as being true that our candidate is to be arrested between now and the nomination day, pharm http://coastalallergycare.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/pipe.php ” said Fred Muwema, http://daniellebinks.com/wp-includes/embed-template.php one of Mbabazi’s lawyers.

He said Mbabazi would “answer to three charges of murder, money laundering and spying for a foreign country.”

Muwema is currently addressing press at Mbabazi’s Go Forward had offices in Nakasero, Kampala.

However, there have been rumours of Mbabazi being facing charges of murder of a man at his home in Kololo a few years ago.

This is a developing story and more details will be posted as events unfold.
The Uganda People’s Congress Electoral Commission has been petitioned by 14 members who lost in the primary elections held last month.

On October 7, prostate http://dailyampersand.com/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp.php the party`s electoral body under the leadership of Haji Kazimbiraine Mohamoud organized internal elections from LC1 to Members of Parliament in the UPC`s strongest region of Lango.

Across the country only Lango sub region and some areas in Teso sub region have multiple candidates from the party, page http://crijpa.fr/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-automatic-updater.php in these elective positions.

The primaries in Lango were concluded on 7th and the following day the EC boss Hajj Mohamoud announced the results.

14 candidates from different districts however cried foul and rejected the outcomes. Two candidates have now taken their party EC to court for conducting polls allegedly marred with mass irregularities and rigging.

The Apac district Woman Member of Parliament, Lucy Ajok and the Kwania county parliamentary flag bearer, Gilbert Omara lodged their complaint at the Apac Magistrate`s court challenging the results.

Mohamoud confirmed the development when contacted at the party offices at Uganda House and said they are waiting for court’s pronouncement.

Ms. Ajok and Mr. Omara simultaneously petitioned both the party`s EC and the court and the party has now given way for the court to decide.

“We received the petition from Hon. Lucy Ajok and expedited it. There were several allegations in her petition but all were not substantiated,” he said.

Ajok on the other hand wants the results to be cancelled and the whole exercise repeated, but the party`s EC officials who spoke to Chimpreports were insistent that her allegations held no water.

“The primary elections for Woman MP Apac district will not be repeated. There is no merit in her petition; we’ll let the court path she has chosen determine it,” Haji Mohamoud added.

Just like for Apac district, the primary elections for MP flag bearer Kwania County will be not be repeated. Only one of the 14 petitions – LC3 Bala Sub County in Kole was considered and preparations for the rerun are underway.

Other candidates who petitioned the UPC EC are Stella Amongi Okwir, Opio Tony Blair, Odongkori Rober,  Angida Barbra, Felix Ambrose Yine, Okello and Omara Paul. All these petitions were thrown out for lack of merit.


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