Zuku Unveils Digital Migration Campaign

Fred Otunu Director Communication UCC and Jared Mokobo MD Zuku TV during the launch

Uganda Bureau of Statistics has been urged to work towards simplifying data and making it accessible to Ugandans.

These remarks were made by the Deputy Chairman National Planning Authority Dr. Abel Rwendeire during a public symposium organized by Uganda Bureau of Statistics.

Dr Rwendeire said that the public is a stakeholder and needs to understand population dynamics.

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“Statistics must be managed properly to assess performance results” he added.

He noted that Uganda’s population has increased by 25 million since 1969. By 2020, sildenafil Uganda is anticipated to have a population of 40.2 million which pauses a dependency burden.

He warned that the population structure of Uganda has serious implications such as lack of basic amenities, ask unemployment, pilule high housing costs and over spending on unproductive people.

Dr. John Ssekamate Ssebuliba, from National Planning Authority highlighted the need for population growth to be synonymous with growth in resource allocation.

He said that Uganda’s population growth currently stands at 3 percent per annum.

Among the recommendations to deal with this threat, Dr Ssebuliba said masses should be educated continuously on implications of this growth. He also asked government to provide services and information on well planned families.

The symposium was attended by civil society organizations, activists, academics and the general public.
The former Leader of Government business in Parliament, pharm Amama Mbabazi has been strangely removed from the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament that is handling the sensitive electoral reforms bill.

On Wednesday evening, Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa who is mandated by the Rule 175 of the Rules of Procedures of Parliament to designate National Resistance Movement party Members of Parliament, stood and made the announcement which takes immediate effect.

Nankabirwa told Parliament that she had removed Mbabazi from Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and taken to the East African Affairs Committee.

“As per the rule 175 of our (Parliamentary) Rules of Parliament, I hereby designate the Member of Parliament for Kinkiizi West, Hon. Amama Mbabazi to the East African Affairs Committee,” Nakabirwa said.

Mbabazi was designated to the committee when he was dropped as Premier in September 2014, and replaced Justine Kasule Lumumba who is now the National Resistance Movement party Secretary General as well.

Strangely, the same Lumumba is once again replacing Mbabazi on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee. Other new members on the critical committee include firebrands Richard Todwong [Lumumbas’ Deputy on the NRM Secretariat] and Kenneth Omona.

The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee is scrutinizing the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2015 that is largely referred to as the Electoral Reforms bill, because it caters for the highly topical reforms in the country’s electoral law.

Cause of Mbabazi`s Trouble

According to inside sources, Mbabazi`s woes started on May 14, 2015 when he surprisingly entered the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee and supported opposition leaders including former Forum for Democratic Change president, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Gen Mugisha Muntu while tabling their proposed amendments to the new electoral law.

“His appearance was not taken lightly. We could not publicize this given the important business (Constitutional Amendment Bill 2015) the committee is handling. Something was bound to happen and it just did,” a source, who asked not to be named since he is not allowed to speak to press, said.

Mbabazi recently declared his interest to stand for president in 2016 and together with his team are currently in a legal gymnastics with the NRM, Police and the Electoral Commission in the interpretation of the presidential election’s law.

The same legal argument is expected to migrate to the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee debate on the electoral reforms and NRM might have thought it wiser to make the first move by plucking Mbabazi out of the committee.

When contacted on phone on Thursday, the NRM Caucus spokesman, Denis Hamson Obua said there was no motive in removing Mbabazi from Legal to East African Affairs committee and that the latter being a senior politician can give expert views on regional issues.

“There is totally nothing strange with changing our members to different committees and the Rules of Procedure gives all Whips including that of NRM powers to designate and withdraw members. Hon. Mbabazi is a senior leader and we are expecting him to give more expertise views on regional matters.” Obua said.



Zuku TV, recipe of the Wanainchi Group Entertainment and Communication Service Yesterday kicked off their digital migration campaign all around the country; at the Kampala Serena.

The move comes days after Uganda Communication Commission last week switched off all analogue TV transmission in Kampala, in implementation of the UN Set Deadline.

Roger Mugisha shares a light moments with some officials at the event

Roger Mugisha shares a light moments with some officials at the event

Speaking to the press at the event, ZUKU TV General Manager, Jared Maboko said, “a lot has been said about digital migration and ZUKU TV strongly feels the need to lead the way and ensure the public is furnished with information to make the right migration”

The Television Company at the event announced the launch of the Zuku Digital Challenge, in which over 100 customers will be handed free fully connected decoders.

Some of the winners pose with their prizes

Some of the winners pose with their prizes

Fred Otunu, UCC’s Director of Communication welcomed the move as timely and applauded ZUKU for stepping out to embrace the migration.

“Digital migration is irreversible, we are fulfilling a world agenda that we signed too in 2006 of moving from analogue to digital,” Otunu said.



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