Youths Suggest ‘Good Retirement Package’ to Persuade Museveni Out of Office

The Jobless Brotherhood under their new umbrella body, rx http://dailycoffeenews.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-actions.php Crusaders for Peaceful Transition have launched a campaign  to push for President Yower Museveni’s peaceful retirement and avert any likelihood of constitutional amendments to rid the presidential age limit.

Norman Tumuhimbise, http://cyclopeperu.com/wp-content/themes/photome/templates/sciprt-testimonials-flexslider.php the group’s General Secretary, told the media on Monday that after learning of President Museveni’s intention to honorably retire as president, they have chosen to do whatever is possible to create an environment that won’t allow him reconsider.

“We Crusaders for Peaceful Transition wish to inform the public of the good news from reliable sources about President Museveni’s intentions to retire honorably. However, the same sources informed us about some worries which may if not addressed, affect this retirement opportunity,” Tumuhimbise said.

The youths thus urged parliament to  consider a retirement package good and attractive enough to make the president leave office.

“Parliament should with accordance to Article 106.2 award a generous, extensive, quantitative, protective and attractive retirement package to President Museveni and his war comrades on retirement,” he said.

“For the purposes of building this nation, we believe that having protective laws will ensure their peaceful retirement despite having committed many atrocities against Ugandans in their individual capacities.”

The group members also cautioned against parliament trying to trike down the presidential age limit, warning that this might be recipe for disaster.

“Should Parliament attempt to amend the age limit whatsoever in accordance with our constitutional obligation, we shall evoke Article 1 of the Constitution and call all Ugandans into protest to uphold and defend the same,” Tumuhimbise noted.

Tumuhimbise also suggested that the Presidential term limits should be reinstated to two terms as was in Article 105.2 of the 1995 Constitution before the 2006 amendment.


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