Youths Question Police Tribunal

Robert Mayanja, the Jobless Brotherhood Spokesperson

Kampala Youth Activists under the Youth Coalition for Change (YCC) have expressed disappointment in the Police tribunal that was recently set up to try police officers who brutalized supporters of Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

The youth from different activist bodies including the Jobless Brotherhood, pharm the FDC Youth League, NRM Poor Youth and Sauti Yavijana told Journalists at City House in Kampala that the tribunal is only aimed at hoodwinking Ugandans, to slow down their demand for the resignation of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura.

“Mr. Kayihura is a misleading agent; at one point while addressing the media, he praised the bandits that brutalized innocent Ugandans, claiming that it was within the regulations of police to beat people, whether innocent or not,” said Jobless Brotherhood Spokesperson, Robert Mayanja.

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“We want to disagree with Kayihura since we understand that beating as punishment must only be administered after trial by Courts of law,” Mayanja observed.

He went to question the validity of the court, which only brought to book the junior perpetrators of the violence, leaving out the senior commanders.  The first person to appear before the court he said, should have been the IGP himself.

“We are rejecting the tribunal because it won’t allow the victims to testify against the offenders; these officers should be brought to the normal courts and answer charges of incompetence and abuse of power

“We have therefore opened a black book at our office to receive and document all victims of police brutality which will be used to demand a report for all the atrocities that have been meted to innocent Ugandans.”



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