Youth Tipped On Entrepreneurship at UCC’s 2017 ACIA Exhibition

Motivational speaker Ruth Musoke speaking to youths at Serena

Young people who are attending Acia 2017 innovation clinics were equipped with knowledge on utilising the internet and other available opportunities to generate income.

The two day exhibition (May 25-26) is taking place at the Kampala Serena Hotel grounds where different companies, ed schools and individuals are showing various technological innovations.

Besides the exhibitions, capsule Acia also arranged a series of Innovation Clinics, cialis 40mg “to provide an avenue for interaction with experts in the ICT innovation ecosystem”.

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The innovation clinics involve presentations from key experts on different topics, and participants are given opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas.

Ruth Biyinzika Musoke, a renowned motivational speaker and director of membership at the Private Sector Foundation Uganda presented the entrepreneurship theme: “Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”

Musoke told the present members that if they want to succeed in business, they must have “ultimate” goals

“Without a clear goal in mind, it becomes hard for someone to focus because you’ll always be swayed by whatever promising venture comes your way,” she said.

She added that its goals you set that keep you focused since as an entrepreneur you need “to look at the gradual growth of your business.”

On the most crucial aspect of winning as an entrepreneur, Musoke told young people to have mentors to look up to for advice.

She also mentioned how it’s important to always venture in activities that “inspire you”.

“When you involve yourself in activities you love, you will always be motivated to work on them without allowing the negative energy that keeps pushing you back.”

John Matogo, the University Relations Leader for IBM in East Africa urged the audience to register with the various web-based platforms so as to showcase their potential.

“With the internet, the competition is so fair; you can easily attract investors if you generate an idea that a potential investor deems valuable,” he said.

ACIA Awards, now in their seventh Year, was initiated to recognise and promote outstanding local ICT Innovations in Uganda.


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