Youth Detention: CP Piles Pressure on Police

CP's Youth Secretary for Mobilization, Solomon Musoke

Youths from the opposition Conservative Party (CP) have threatened to drag Uganda police to the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the increased detention, site abduction and kidnap of youths in the country without thorough explanation.

Whereas the major mandate of Police is to protect people and their property, the youth have complained that many of them have been tortured at the hands of police with no clear reasons.

CP youth led by Solomon Musoke, the Secretary for Mobilization told the media at the Interparty Youth Platform (IYOP) offices in Kampala that many youth are being detained in cells and prisons without trial on alleged cases of treason and terrorism.

“Innocent youth have currently been rounded up and are rotting in cells, these have been branded several names such as ‘Kifeesi’ and have been denied their rights to be produced before Courts of Law,” Musoke said.

He added that Police have gone ahead to violate the 3days rule which mandates that a suspect must be produced before a substantive Courts of Law.

“We therefore demand Police to produce a report about such acts within a period of one week or else, we shall call on private investigators like the United Nations and the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the matter,” Musoke stressed.

On the other hand, the youth have also faulted the 10th Parliament for approving the variation of the number of ministers without considering financial implications it has on tax payers.

“Young Conservatives would like to join the rest of the un-contented Ugandans about the increase in the number of cabinet ministers in Uganda to 80 members,’ Musoke noted.

“On this, Parliament never considered the abilities of Ugandans in paying for all the selected members of cabinet yet there is an increasing rate of unemployment and underemployment to the majority of the population who are the youth.”


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