You’re Next, Kayihura Warns Mbarara

Gen Kayihura speaking local businessmen and police officers

The Court of Appeal in Kampala has adjourned hearing the case in which Kampala businessman Tom Nkurungira alias Tonku is seeking a reversal of the death penalty handed to him for murdering his girl friend Brenda Karamuzi in 2010.

In submission to the panel of judges including Augustus Nshimye, ed about it Eldad Mwangusya and Kenneth Kakuru, Tonku’s lawyers led by Benson Tusasirwe told court that they had been able to peruse through the file but that they needed more time to study the facts before proceeding with the hearing.

“I need further meetings with the appellant so as to be able to scrutinize through all the details. In the judgment and sentence, the trial judge relied on finger prints and DNA to convict my client which needs me more technical advice on how to go about the appeal,” Tusasirwe told court.

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The new lawyer further said the “trial judge also relied on evidence from phone printouts and base stations (masts) used to track for location of the appellant which evidence also needs an expert to be able to interpret.”

“I therefore need more time for consultancy from experts, forensics and telephone technology before the case proceeds.”

However, the furious judges blasted Tonku’ lawyer’s laziness and not finding time to peruse through the file yet there is limited time for court.

Tonku with his lawyer, Tusasirwe preparing their submission

Tonku with his lawyer, Tusasirwe preparing their submission

“In fact we got the file after you were done but we have read through it. We are adjourning the case to 4 May but next time you should not come back with another excuse,” Justice Kakuru warned Tonku’s lawyers.

Court heard that between January 21, 2010 and January, 30, 2010 at Kijjwa Zone, Bukasa, Makindye Division, in Kampala District, Tonku murdered Karamuzi before promising his shambo boy Fred Ssempijja Shs1m to assist him in hiding the body of Brenda in a septic tank.

The case is among 69 other criminal appeals set to be heard by Justices Augustus Nshimye, Eldad Mwangusya and Kenneth Kakuru.

Tonku was found guilty for murder contrary to sections 188 and 189 of the Penal Code Act.

Justice Albert Rugadya Atwooki found that the “prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that the death of Brenda Karamuzi was caused with malice aforethought.”
Inspector of Police Gen Kale Kayihura last weekend visited Mbarara Municipality where he sounded a stern warning unto residents to stay on the alert.

In the wake of threats of terrorism that currently hold the nation on tenterhooks, seek Gen Kayihura asked his men to intensify operations and the resident’s to remain vigilant.

Kayihura was meeting hundreds of residents, government leader’s, the business community religious leaders and other stakeholders at Mbarara High School.

Gen Kayihura asked army officers from Makenke Barracks to support local policy in securing the Municipality

Gen Kayihura asked army officers from Makenke Barracks to support local policy in securing the Municipality

The meeting paid tribute to government prosecutor Mrs. Joan Kagezi, who a couple of weeks ago, was shot dead in Kawatule a Kampala suburb on her way home.

The IGP ordered police officers in Mbarara Municipality to intensify security measures especially around public places like night clubs, bars, Super markets, taxi and bus terminals.

Kayihura said that Mbarara town is a known target for terror attacks, yet residents have remained indifferent.

He told locals that while, they have read and heard of terror activities and threats in Kampala and across the border in Kenya, Mbarara remains one of the soft targets that terrorist have interest in.

He asked locals to learn to identify suspicious individuals and to report them immediately to police.


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