Yellow Pigs Youth, Augustine Ojobile Joins EALA Race

The Jobless Brotherhood National Mobilizer and member of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), more about Augustine Ojobile has Wednesday been nominated by the party to run for the party ticket for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

In company of the jobless brotherhood, this Ojobile returned nomination forms vowing to base his campaigns on democratizing the East African Community through his representation at the assembly.

The jobless brotherhood commonly known as the ‘Yellow Pigs youth’ have earned their name in the country through regularly dumping piglets at Ugandan Parliament in opposition of the conduct of some of the members and the institution at large.

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“Today it is of great pleasure that Uganda has got one of their own, site one of the people who has been at the fore front of seeking justice and democracy in this country,” Ojobile told the media after being nominated at Najjanankumbi.

Ojobile believes that if any substantive development, better education system, better agriculture and employment are to be achieved in the region, there must be seen democracy in practice.

“My candidature is basically going to look at democracy in our region; the East Africa we are seeing today isn’t the East Africa which was there in the 1970. We are asking ourselves a question what is it that Uganda is taking to East African Community and what is there in East Africa that Uganda is achieving,” Ojobile wondered.

“Formerly we had the East African countries uniting against a dictator like Gen. Idi Amin and they ousted him from power in 1978. What is the problem today that Uganda after going through a lot of disputed elections, today we can still have Museveni as a leader when the rest of East Africa is looking on.”



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