Women Urged Not To Marry Till Marriage Bill is Passed

Ms Godiva Akullo speaking at the conference on Saturday

Renowned lawyer, diagnosis activist and Makerere University don Godiva Akullo has asked women in Uganda to hold onto their vows until the Marriage and Divorce Bill is passed.

The activist warned on Saturday that if women rush into marriage now before the bill is signed into law, they will not be protected by it.

This she says, implies that they could miss out on the numerous freedoms and adjustments provided for under the bill.

The marriage and divorce bill which first appeared in parliament in 2013 kicked up a wild debate until it was shelved pending further consultations with the people.

During earlier consultations, it emerged that most of the constituents had rejected the Bill over some of its provisions such as what it termed as “Marital Rape,” (forced sex) for which culprits could face up to 5 years in jail.

Most people opposed the law as alien to African Culture.

Speaking at a symposium at the Uganda Museum on Saturday under the theme [Re] thinking feminism and black womanhood, Akullo said that women, more so in Uganda still don’t understand their rights like right to self-determination, right to property, right to life.

She called upon them to put their trust in the oncoming law, for their protection against abusive marriages and domestic violence.

At the conference, stakeholders discussed at length the subject of feminism, its applications and challenges especially in the Ugandan setting.

‘’l call upon everyone out there to be a feminist for its not for only women but men too; together we can make a change and a great impact to the lives of women not only in Uganda but the world over’’ appealed Akullo.



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