Women Lobby for Increased Participation in Political Leadership

Women leaders have been urged to utilize their positions to create ways of increasing women participation in political leadership as well as prioritize issues of gender equity.

During a conference that brought together gender activists, sickness women organizations, mind female MPs and those in local government participants pointed out the negligible positions currently held by women especially in Parliament.

The one day conference organized by Action for Development and Konrad Adenuer Stiftung a development partner was held Thursday at Golf Course Hotel

Currently, ambulance only 17 women MPs occupy the open (competitive) seats in parliament from 11 in the 9th parliament which according to gender activists is still undesirable.

“There’s need to elevate women participation to at least 60% in national leadership positions. Majority of the women especially at grassroot levels still lack information on governance opportunities,” said Florence Muhwezi the Chairperson Action for Development (ACFODE).

Muhwezi hinted on the issue of economic empowerment especially the existing gaps in land management and rights for women. She said that patriarchy has created an environment for men to deprive their wives an opportunity to participate in making economic decisions.

“Women are not economically empowered yet elections require too many resources. This makes it difficult to fairly compete with the men,” she added.

The Country Representative for Konrad Adenuer Stiftung, Mathias Kamp appreciated the contribution of women on the political arena but was quick to add that more needs to be done.

“There has been a slight increase in women occupying open seats in parliament but the numbers are still disappointing. Women in positions of power are also not as outspoken as their male counterparts,” Kamp noted.

He asked that government rolls out programs at local government level to strengthen women participation adding that this should be reflected in the education system

In reference to the previous elections, it was noted that women’s role was insignificant many of whom were reduced to mere entertainers. The media was blamed for subjecting female politicians to far much gender stereotypes and condemnation compared to the males.

The issue of the recent inflation in the size of Parliament was also identified as having contributed to the reduced percentage in women representation.


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