Women, Children Still Unaccounted for After Palace Attack – Rwenzururu Officials      

Almost 2 weeks after the attack on the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere’s palace by the UPDF, capsule  officials from the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu have said they are not sure of the whereabouts of a number of women and children who were in the palace.

Addressing journalists in Kampala on Wednesday afternoon, order   a group of kingdom officials including the Attorney General Geoffrey Sibendire, Alfred Makasi(Deputy Attorney General), parliamentary speaker Enoch Muhindo, King Charles Wesley Mumbere’s Mother and the spokesperson Clarence Bwambale among others , claimed they have been informed of the number of people who died and those arrested during the attack but noted they have no information in regards to children and women who were in the palace at the time of the attack.

“The palace always has women who work as maids and sweep plus cooking inside. These also have children who were in the palace during the attack, “said the kingdom spokesperson Bwambale.

“We have no account for them from either government or those arrested. We could have talked to those arrested but we haven’t been allowed to speak to any of them.”

When contacted, the army spokesperson Paddy Ankunda denied these allegations.

According to the officials, government has communicated to them about 136 royal guards who were arrested, and that nothing more from that has ever been told to them.

The Kingdom Attorney General  Geoffrey Sibendire said they are not in the know of the places where the arrested royal guards were detained but noted they are soon finalizing efforts to have court applications that would compel government to produce them in court.

Legal Team
They also revealed they have formed a formidable team of lawyers that would be in charge of representing the Omusinga and his royal guards as they battle various charges in courts of law.

“We have appointed Caleb Alaka, Evans Ochieng (Alaka and Company Advocates, Geoffrey Sibendire,  Alfred Makasi and other lawyers on a legal team that will battle charges in court,” the spokesperson Bwambale told journalists.

He added that a number of working committees have been put in place to oversee the work of the kingdom.

According to the Rwenzururu spokesperson, it is still a dark cloud hovering around the kingdom since the attack on the Omusinga’s palace but urged people to remain calm as well as advocating for dialogue in a bid to solve the impasse.

“We pray no more bullets are fired on human beings as we dialogue and negotiate .This is the only approach to sorting out the matters, “Bwambale said.

The officials said they have met President Museveni and discussed issues concerning the kingdom.

“We told him that our Omusinga is diabetic and has hypertension and we asked that he uses his prerogative and releases him to access medication. We believe if he is freed the trauma he is having will go,” said the kingdom parliament speaker Enoch Muhindo.

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