Women Challenged to Utilize Social Media

Godiva Akullo (L) and other panelists at the social media conference yesterday

Godiva Akullo a known feminist lawyer and activist yesterday advised women in Uganda to use social media to their advantage.

Akullo said that women face a lot of stereotypes which they could counteract if they effectively used social media.

“Social media defines who you are that’s why it’s important for women to make benefit out of it, treatment ” she said.

Ms Akullo was speaking at the social media conference held at the Serena hotel Kampala under the theme: Women and social media in Uganda –at what cost.

“Things that are popular with women have been termed as stupid for example Instagram yet those that are popular among the men like twitter are termed as ‘sexy, capsule ” she said.

“Society has for long dictated what platforms are right for women to express their views on specific issues. This belief is slowly changing as a result of an increasingly boarder blurred global community.

“We see the 21st century woman as one moving towards the same direction in terms of technology and particularly the use of social media information platforms.”

At the event, generic Dr Sarah Ssali a senior lecturer in gender studies at Makerere University said that women should use internet responsibly saying that the people who follow them matter and every woman should set a standard for everyone to respect them.

When women get access to social media, she noted, they should use it effectively to for instance preach the gospel of feminism and socioeconomic development.

“Ugandan women can expand their social media presence by taking advantage of the opportunities available to access new information spaces. They can do this by attending short courses and trainings on ICT functions and functionalities,” she said.

“With the current global craze for ICT innovations, most women organizations, particularly those that advocate for community development through education now offer these services. Women can take advantage of what they have to offer in terms of free trainings, workshops & online platforms.”


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