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Woman Raped by Conman While Chasing Job Offer

Kirinya Police in Kira Municipality are hunting for a man who raped a young woman who was  desperately trying to look for a job.

Mercy Apio says she fell victim to a conman, who reached her and offered to find her a job.

She says the criminal, who is now being hunted, called her number randomly and offered a job opportunity.

Apio, who we found at a clinic named “He Cares” in Kirinya, told us that she was at her sister’s place in the same area when she received the phone call from a person who only identified himself as Jeff.

“He told me we needed to meet, and when we did he told me he was going to take me to the work place,” she said.

“He told me however, that we needed to be somewhere and that somewhere ended up to be a rental house where he forced himself on me. He threatened to kill me if I made any alarms.”

The victim says the rapist later abandoned her in the room and that she later cried out and neighbors came and took her to the clinic.

Health workers at the clinic later informed Kirinya police which is now hunting for the suspect.



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