Woman Drags Former Chief Justice Wako Wambuzi to Court

Former Chief Justice Wako Wambuzi

Former Chief Justice Wako Wambuzi has been dragged to the Commercial Court by a Kampala businesswoman for allegedly frustrating her business.

Alexis Jubilee sued Justice Wambuzi jointly with an Eritrean national Yonas Ghidey, viagra approved whom she accuses of evicting her from block 244 plot 1652 at Kisugu where she operates her businesses that includes a salon, sickness steam bath, thumb sauna, bar, restaurant and massage parlor

Jubilee contends that the premises in question were leased to her for five years by Justice Wambuzi at a monthly rental payment of 1,000 US dollars (approx 3.3 million shillings).

But before her contract expired, Justice Wambuzi on 30 July this year gave out the premises to Ghidey, who later on 5 August 2016 served her with a notice ordering her to vacate the said premises

She is now accusing Justice Wambuzi and Ghidey for collectively bleaching the tenancy agreement which still has more 3 years to expire.

Jubilee says she incurred a cost of   414 million shillings to renovate Justice Wambuzi’s premises to suite her business after both agreed that the structure and the compound were dilapidated and were not suitable for the business of salon, steam bath, sauna, restaurant and massage.

The Documents before Court show that prior to the tenancy agreement, Justice Wambuzi assured the businesswoman that he would not disrupt the tenancy agreement until when she has recovered her investment.

The businesswoman says Justice Wambuzi never notified her of the sale of the premises nor did he have the curtsy of giving her any opportunity to purchase the said premises.

Now Jubilee wants Court to issue an order compelling Justice Wambuzi to allow her continue with her business until her the tenancy period in the agreement is expired

She is further seeking Court to order Justice Wambuzi to refund her 414 million shillings for renovation, pay damages for inconveniencing her business and costs of suit.

Commercial court registrar is yet to sign Summons requiring Justice Wambuzi to file defense on the above matter




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