Witnesses Recount Shower of Bullets

Police forensic experts at the murder scene

Kampala Central Division chairman Charles Musoke Sserunjogi, approved a resident of Kulambiro has spoken out on incidents during the murder of police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi on Friday.

Kaweesi was shot dead by unknown assailants before vanishing on motorcycles according to witnesses.

Speaking about the incident, about it Sserunjogi said he first thought police was chasing thieves only to be told later it was Kaweesi.

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“It was a shower of bullets. In estimation, treatment the bullets were more than one hundred in number,’’ Sserunjogi said.

“We never minded but thirty minutes later, I was told that our beloved police officer Kaweesi had been shot dead. On reaching the scene, I saw his body lying lifeless inside the car’’

According to a statement issued by the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, the assailants trailed Kaweesi’s vehicle for some distance before spraying it with bullets.

“They first fired shots in the air and then shot at his vehicle through the hind windscreen and tyres deflating him,’’ Kayihura said.

Another eyewitness said he heard the gunshots from about 500meters.

“I was in my garden and could clearly hear the bullets. I also heard dogs from the neighbors barking so loud, which meant that something wrong was going down,’’ said George Mukasa.

Sserunjogi described the deceased as a down to earth person who mingled freely with the locals.

“Whenever he was around, we felt safe. It is unfortunate we have lost such a senior citizen.’’

Kaweesi was killed together with is chief bodyguard Kenneth Erau and the driver Godfrey Mambewo.

The IGP said that despite being a huge blow to the force, they will not let down their guard but continue hunting for the thugs.


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