Witness Snubs Treason Case Hearing Over Life Threats

The suspects in court today

Hearing of the case where 20 suspects including Aisha Nakasibante, Dr Aggrey Kiyingi’s in-law, are accused of hatching a plot to overthrow government didn’t carry on as scheduled today after a Prosecution witness refused to turn up in fear of their life.

The suspects in this case are being accused of among others recruiting individuals into rebel activities, participating in training of rebels, acquisition of communication equipment, participating in meetings abroad, renting houses to be used in training of rebels as well as attempting to acquire fire arms, which they allegedly committed between 2011 and 2015.

State Attorney Linno Anguzo informed court they are unable to proceed because one of the witnesses feared to endanger their life by testifying.

The defence counsel Chris Bakiza however, was dissatisfied with the claims and pushed the prosecution to put on record, the kind of threats that the witness had received.

Bakiza said such adjournments were affecting his clients’ right to a fair trial, having been on remand for 3 years.

He asked the judge to grant this matter a last adjournment.

State Attorney Linno Anguzo nonetheless declined to reveal the security threats the witness is facing or their full names.

Justice Musalu Musene granted Prosecution a last adjournment to 23rd October.


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