Witness Gives Contradicting Evidence Against Besigye

Former DPC Bosco Arop testifying in court to day

The hearing of the case in which six opposition leaders are accused of inciting violence, medications in a Kabale court turned dramatic today when one of the key state witnesses in the case gave contradicting statements.

The six opposition politicians that include former FDC presidential candidate Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye , ed FDC secretary for mobilization  Ingrid Turinawe, Kampala  Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Kawempe South MP Mubarak Sseruga Munyagwa Roland Kaginda  Mugume  the Rukungiri  municipality MP  and western  Uganda  democratic party  Vice  President Imam Makumbi.

Court presided over by Moses Ntende Kagoda heard that on July 14th, 2012, Besigye and his colleagues stirred events that led to the injuring of four police officers and the destruction of three police vehicles.

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Prosecution presented three witnesses Bosco Arop, (former Kabale District Police Commander), Michael Sitenda a driver and Detective Inspector of Police, Francis Mpeirwe.

Bosco Arop  had last month told court that the opposition politicians while at the rally in the Kabale stadium incited the public that later led to the said fracas.

“Police tried to direct the crowds but they instead reacted by stoning us,” said Arop adding that he ordered his personnel to disperse the crowd after it had turned rowdy.

The accused persons in dock

The accused persons in dock

But after being grilled by the defense lawyer Julius Galisonga, Arop told court today that it was not Dr Besigye that caused the confusion but one Arthur who was driving motor vehicle number UAP 607.

He said that Besigye had in fact urged the crowd to take the right route.

He also said that the fracas was caused by police’s own interception of the convoy of Dr Besigye.

The other witness Michael Sitenda who was driving a police vehicle said that as they were patrolling the busy town on that day, crowds started throwing stones at them leading to the destruction of the vehicle he was driving and causing injuries and unconsciousness to him.

Francis Mpeirwe the third witness who handled the initial investigations of the matter told court that the opposition politicians while in the stadium used words that promoted hatred against the ruling government, a factor that could have enticed the public to strongly fight police on that day.

“I heard Mubarak Munyagwa leading a song that says “mubinge ekyata kigyende,” literally meaning send away the fool. Such statements among others could not leave people peaceful,” said Mpeirwe.

His worship Moses Samuel Kagoda Ntende t adjourned the hearing of the case till 26th September 2016 when the state is to bring more witness in the case.

Dr. Besigye while addressing the press outside the courtroom said the case was intended to distract them from their daily chores and to inconvenience their programmes.


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