Winnie Byanyima’s Impassioned Call For Museveni’s Retirement, a Gigantic Package Containing a Heavy Message

Mrs Winnie Byanyima speaking at the send off of her father Boniface Byanyima

By: Boaz Byayesu

Winnie Byanyima appeals to president Museveni to retire honorably come 2021 as she castigates NRM corrupt practices and invokes the constitutional provisions hence the potential dangers of their violation to the nation.

Karagwa also cautions the NRM leadership against the repeat of the similar historical mistakes including repressive laws and abrogation of the Constitution.

The Ugandan iron lady spares neither the opposition nor the clergy on leadership failures,  greed, selfishness, opportunism and neglect of the common man.

On May 17, 2017 the nation buried Mzee Boniface Byanyima, an elder nationalist who departed from us upon the supreme call of the highest authority of heaven and earth.

Mzee Byanyima’s reputable daughter, Winnie Byanyima the Ugandan iron lady and one of our best and brightest is the former Mbarara municipality member of parliament, former UN official in New York, and now the Oxfam executive Director.

Karagwa raised a humbling voice that dried up the tears of the mourners and sent a chilling message down their spines as she narrated the life story of her father associated with selfless struggles in the midst of life threatening circumstances.

She called for an accountable and constitutional leadership so as to avert the likely dangers caused by similar mistakes as she gave a humble advice to the president of Uganda to retire honorably come 2021 so that he (Museveni) can win himself a position in that distinctive place in the great history of very few great African statesmen.

Yes, Karagwa is right, president Museveni can choose to earn that worthy legacy or squander that great opportunity at his own will and discretion.

Byanyima’s Electrifying Remarks And The Chilling Historical Tales

Winnie Byanyima humbly, courageously and wisely cautioned the president of Uganda not to dare change the Constitution of Uganda in an effort to stay at the helm of the NRM leadership in view of the Constitutional age limit come 2021.

In the same calm but firm voice and assertive tone, Byanyima angrily lambasted the shameless government officials who betray the people and the oath of public service by abusing public office. She poured scorn on those so called leaders who fetch public resources like running water as they draw millions and billions from state coffers to care for their own selfish interests including foreign medical bills and trips where as the ordinary citizens languish in poverty and die like rats with no any medical attention.

Byanyima’s biting words never spared the leaders of religious institutions that ought to act as the custodians of justice, the advocates of truth, the voice of the voiceless, and guardians of the poor.

“The time of president Yoweri Museveni has come to an end,” stated Byanyima. “If he were here it would have been better. There is a clause, in the Constitution which limits the president’s age. Speaking the truth my father who we are about to burry today, I ask the people of NRM and president Museveni not to dare tamper with the Constitution of Uganda. Don’t dare!” the lady of courage cautioned.

“President Museveni, our good president, with all the good things he has done, at that point (2021) will not be allowed to run again for office. Our contry is the only one in East Africa that has not seen a peaceful transition of power. Tanzania has changed leaders, Kenya has done the same but Uganda. Ugandans should not be denied chance to effect their own peaceful transfer of power,” she patriotically and wisely opined.

Remember that when my father was fighting in parliament, Obote used party numbers to abrogate the Constitution of Uganda. You know how he ended. Don’t be tempted to deny us a chance to see peaceful transition of power,” she strongly advised.

“Obote banned the DP and other parties in parliament, yet father remained in opposition. He was referred to as an ‘opposition MP’ even though he couldn’t identify himself as DP, she reminded the nation.

“The Obote government then enacted laws such as the detention act, which allowed one to be jailed for 5 years without trial. There was also the treason act, under which one could be charged with the capital offense with a maximum death sentence, if found discussing politics. That is the time my father endeavored to speak the truth. He was detained several times, even in Amin’s time because he spoke the truth,” she explains. Winnie served a cold dish of our ugly history as it is in a chilling historical tale.

Fellow Ugandans, in painful contemplation and digestion of Winnie’s words, I would like to say this: In our today’s Uganda theft and graft are in the extreme as social values become an archaic thing and restraints against immorality become odd.

Insatiable greed is alarming and the ethic of public service is diminishing.

Stealing is praiseworthy and laundering is an act of pride and prowess where as accountability is now an act of the dull and the slow, a practice of life failures.

Hypocrisy is immense and double color character is the style of doing business and the way of life as opportunism and patronage claim an unobjectionable place in all sectors of management and leadership.

Two Questions to Uganda, My Motherland

Did we as a nation learn something from Byanyima’s story and caution to keep in our hearts for the sake of our country or it was another political tale to be thrown into the dustbin of political history?

Partisan politics and party slogans aside, did the NRM leadership pick some sense in Winnie Byanyima’s words of courage in the spirit of love of her country or her remarks were conceived as poisonous verbal seeds thus dropped like a hot object, disregarded like a bogus beggar, left as pie, and treated as words of a prophet of doom for NRM and Uganda? Let these questions be answered to our souls.

Before I, too, leave pie as pie, let me say that Winnie Byanyima’s impassioned call for Museveni’s retirement come 2021 is a gigantic package containing a heavy message.

Fellow Ugandans, I stay on my knees with my bible as my best gun and my pen as my bullet for nothing is too complex for the almighty.

Come 2021, I pray that the big man whom I know as a great leader changes his mind in his wisdom as other pertinent issues and concerns are addressed.

For God and our country.

Boaz Byayesu lives in Virginia, USA.

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