Will the ‘Big Fish’ Stop Swallowing ‘Small Fishes’ at NRM Secretariat?

By: Davidson Ndyabahika

In a presser dated May 30, visit this site 2016, buy the party secretariat’s mouth piece released a communication clarifying the Beijing Trip where he called people to ignore the issue presented by Mr. Robert Rutaro.

Okay now let us face it. For those who do not know Rutaro Robert, rx briefly he is the head of the youth desk at the NRM secretariat who during the March 1 2016 petition to the party Chairman also the president of the republic of Uganda as a lead signatory that accused the Secretary General Ms. Kasule Lumumba of incompetence.

In a petition signed by 48 staff (technical and support), they presented 13 grievances to the chairman against Lumumba including inaccessibility of the SG who allegedly rarely sat at the secretariat, demoralization of staff and complete lack of motivation, Lumumba’s lack of team work as they claimed she (then) worked alone hence causing inefficiency, redundancy and idleness.

It is important to note that despite all this internal differences, the party chairman managed to handle it and harmonize the team to a gain go back to proper footing. Much respect to Mzee Kaguta at least he has mastered the art of conflict solving and spearheading harmonious living within the party.

However this issue of Kasule Lumumba is something that requires a keen eye. Why Lumumba now?

Social media has lately been awash with messages allegedly from Rutaro who claims he has been on the team selected for a capacity building trip to Beijing, China scheduled for next month. The trip is coordinated by the Deputy Secretary General; Hon Richard Todwong has now exposed the real problem.

In a social media message, Rutaro claims having been called by the Chinese embassy to pick his visa for the trip and on reaching there, his hopes of being part of the delegation had been frustrated by the secretary general who left orders that his name be pulled off the list.

This allegation is indeed confirmed true by the presser by Rodgers Mulindwa the secretariat’s propagandist who in his defense said his name was replaced with Ms. Faridah Kibowa from the women’s desk at the secretariat partly to increase on the gender representation and cater for the Islamic faith as well.

My problem is understanding how throughout the whole process of nominating and vetting people to represent the country in such capacity building workshops up to the time they submit the names to the embassy for visa processing, whether the SG was sleeping or awake to make her think she can later go and instruct the embassy officials to remove a name of someone.

Most of us I believe are not too forgetful to remember Lumumba’s reckless statements during the elections when he said “The state will kill your children if they come to disorganize and destabilize the peace and security in Kampala and Wakiso”

Lumumba is this nasty woman bloated with a deadly arrogance disease which makes almost every politician blind to the real world.

Proverbs 16:18 says Pride goes before fall, as youth, we continue to watch this self-conceited giant called Lumumba at the secretariat. This so called big fish will continue to swallow its kids. Lumumba carry on.

As long as you continue fighting petty things of youth, I will not hesitate to caution you to stop going overboard. I am not anywhere in those structures but I feel very annoyed with such acts of in-house fighting even after elections.

But why would all the issues in the secretariat rotate around Lumumba?

The writer is a journalist, also students’ leader at Makerere University Kampala



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