Wife Accuses Oulanyah of Neglecting Children

Lady Winnie Amoo Okot, dosage the wife of Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah is accusing his divorced husband of refusing to take full responsibility of their children.

Okot now living and working in the United States agreed with Oulanyah last year to live apart and are currently pursuing a court process to formalize their divorce.

Although they agreed that she takes custody of their two daughters, drug  Okot says she is distraught that the amount of money ($300 per month) that the Deputy Speaker wants to give her to look after their children is not sufficient.

After court threatened a week ago to throw out their case as none of them was showing up for the hearing, Okot decided to take to the media.

“The only bone of contention is that Oulanyah wants to pay only $300 (three hundred US Dollars) per month to support his two daughters living with me in The US. To him, this should cover rent, food, clothing, medical care, childcare, pre-school and any emergencies that might befall them (God forbid). Oulanyah claims he only earns sh16,000,000 (Sixteen Million shillings) a month,” she claimed in a media statement.

“But strangely, he pays $16,000 dollars a year for t he three children from his late wife (rest in peace). Well, he must live a very strange life style.”

Living thousands of miles away and unable to keep track of the case in Kampala, she decided to agree to almost all of Oulanyah’s conditions that; he would not be paying her alimony (spousal support), she wouldn’t share his property and that she would take custody of the children.

“I ask myself everyday how someone of such caliber, authority, education, tradition and with such life experience, in fact a father himself is convinced that the best decision is to act as if my children never existed. He doesn’t know/want to know whether they ate well if any, slept well, fairing well, healthy… It beats me!!!”

Oulanyah according to Okot has since July last year refused to step in court when summoned, making the judge threaten to throw out the case without a ruling.

“For the June court date, the judge requested that both or one of us must attend court especially he who lives in Uganda. He never showed up in court and the judge threatened to throw out the case without passing judgment (on the children’s matter) which my girls’ lives depended on. … I gave power of attorney to my lawyer to represent me, what else do you need? I do not want him to give me anything and I will not ask or push for any benefits for myself; in fact I asked my lawyer to drop any gains that pertains to me. No alimony, no property, no cash nothing but for him to support our girls. If he couldn’t afford it, I would understand but the fact that he is challenging the children’s birth right is the reason I write to the media today.”

Our efforts to reach the deputy speaker for a reaction were futile as he was attending a parliamentary conference in Namibia.

However, in a recent interview, he said he tried and failed to make his marriage with Okot work because she was causing him emotional stress.

“My marriage did not work out and that’s why I went to court in July. I did not want to disparage anybody. I just wanted something that had failed to work dissolved,” he said.

When Lady Winnie refused to live in Uganda for more than a year, he said, he was forced to borrow money from friends to look after her and his children in the US, where she is a citizen.

“For 18 months, I was paying rent $2,043 (about Shs7.477 million) per month, $400 (about Shs1.464 million) for bills and then feeding and other expenses. I was in debt and when you go to the Parliament Sacco, you will find my name there, even from Gen Elly Tumwine. This is way too much,” Mr Oulanyah said.






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