Why You Should Marry a Friend

Your marriage is poised to last forever when you are married to your friend

The 2014 cup finalists KCCA FC return to the pitch just a day after the fatal home defeat against league runaway leaders, medications buy Vipers Sc.

The loss means that the only realistic hope of winning any silverware remains in the cup competition. The only league meeting between the two ended with a narrow win for the debutants while the eight time champions KCC were responsible for Lweza’s early exit in the cup last year.

KCC Fc conceded two own goals from Joseph Ocaya and keeper Yasin Mugabi’s errors. In the last stage, KCC Fc were lucky to beat regional side, Kyambogo Fc through spot kicks after failing to edge the ‘underdogs’ in 120 minutes.

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Lweza on their side qualified through a hard fought 1-0 win over Police Fc in Kajjansi, with midfielder Peter Kamanje registering the goal.

Tom Masiko is expected to start after missing the previous stage due to injury concern while experienced left foot winger Mike Sserumaga will be back in the first squad after warming the bench in the league win against Police Fc.

New signing Benjamin Ocan who starred against Kyambogo Fc is expected back in between the posts and Yasin Mugabi relegated to the bench together with skipper Sakka Mpima.

KCC Fc will be playing their first game at home in the cup this year.

Possible lineups

KCC Fc: Benjamin Ocan, Simon Namwanja,  Ivan Ntege, Timothy Awani, Joseph Ocaya, Ayub Kiizza, Nsibambi, Baker Lukooya, Herman Waswa,William Wadri, Tom Masiko

Lweza:  Michael Majwega (G.K), Henry Wamala ,Farouk Musisi, Ibrahim Kiyemba, Ayub Kisaliita, Peter Kamanje, Geofrey Sserunkuma, Arthur Ssemazzi, Moses Ndawula, Mahad Kakooza, Michael Sserumaga .
Pastor Grace Ntale, ambulance a marriage counselor and senior pastor of Dove’s Haven World Freedom Centre Mawu Maganjo takes you through the different aspects of marriage and verifies why one should marry a friend if their marriage is to register success.

Marriage is a covenant between two people that is man and woman who have agreed to live together and share their earthly lives as quoted in Genesis 2:18-25 and Matthew 19:5-6.

Marriage is more than a mutual agreement; it is a covenant. What makes the difference between an agreement and a covenant is that the latter is sealed with blood and there is a feast that accompanies it.

This is the reason why God intended that marriage should take place between virgins because in the process of their first sexual encounter, here there will be the breaking of the hymen.

The blood poured in that process is what seals the marriage covenant. This is the reason why your virginity is very important. It is more than just a gift to your partner or spouse on your wedding day.

The devil knows this too, approved so he ensures people lose their virginity to people that are not going to be their future partners so that it can be a waste.

Pastor Grace Ntale

Pastor Grace Ntale

Note that we have two types of virginity: The primary virginity and the secondary virginity. So if you lose the first one, you can always have the second (which is in Christ).

It is possible for people to be married when they are not friends. There are a number of marriages that have been organized by the parents or relatives of the man and woman without their consent.

Currently, many people are entering marriage for financial gains but with no friendship instincts at all, which perhaps explains the increased divorce rate.

In some cases people have found themselves getting married to people they don’t love for one reason or another. But I strongly believe that marriage should be between people who are friends, that is people who share a lot of things in common.

It is the reason for courtship or at worst if you found yourself marrying someone who is not your friend due to one reason or another, you should work hard to make them your friend after u have gotten married.

Below are some of the benefits of marrying a friend:

A friend is a person who knows more about you but remains in love with you despite your weaknesses.

When you marry a friend, marriage does not appear such a strange thing to you like otherwise. In other words, there is not fear and anxiety of where you are going or the person you are going with.

In olden days, because most of the time girls went with strangers, they would cry during the entire marriage ceremony.

When you marry a friend, your marriages will not be a ‘new’ thing. It will be a mere extension of your day to day life relationship with your partner, just taken to another level or becoming more intimate.

You will not need a lot of time to study more of your partner since you will be quite more acquainted with her and so learning one another fully will not take long.

There will be a certain level of liberty, freedom and a sense of harmony in a home since everybody will be quite open to each other with nothing to hide from each other.

Trust is one of the pillars of a strong and lasting marriage; but because trust is built and takes some time to build, it will be easier to trust a friend than a stranger. One who has married a person who is not a friend will have to take a long time to build trust in their partner.

Notably, Adam, the first man on earth married Eve a friend (Genesis 2:23). “She was one of his bone and flesh of his flesh. In other words she had a lot in common with him.




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