South Sudan

Why SPLA Donated White Cows to President Museveni

SPLA Parades four white cows before the UPDF trucks set to leave South Sudan on Tuesday

Clients of Centenary bank Fort Portal branch were on Thursday morning unable to get services after the branch caught fire in the night, illness leaving property worth millions of shillings destroyed.

According to Bakari Muga Bashir, sildenafil the Rwenzori Police Spokesperson, cialis 40mg the bank caught fire at around 4:00am on Thursday morning.

He said the fire started from the air conditioners and it’s believed to have been caused by a short circuit.

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Bakari said the staff who were inside tried to use fire extinguishers to put it out in vain because it was beyond their control.

They then called in the police Fire Brigade which responded immediately and put out the fire before it could spread to other sections.

The police said some computers and laptops were burnt but could not reveal the exact number.

Bashir described the incident as minor but disruptive.


The South Sudanese national army commander for Jonglei, sickness which was the first state to fall under the control of rebels under Dr. Riek Machar has donated four white cows to Uganda’s  President Yoweri Museveni.

General Malual Ayom, viagra 60mg the commander of the SPLA Jonglei division that is known by its state capital Bor, on Tuesday paraded the animals in front of the UPDF trucks that were exiting the world`s youngest nation after a 21 month peacekeeping mission.

According to the South Sudan`s biggest tribe Dinka culture, white cows are great a great honor and are only handed out during rare occasions. President Museveni is the second prominent person and the first foreigner in history to get them from the ethnic group.

The white cows are normally for paying dowry to the parents of the bride in the cultural norms of the Dinka and there have been only two exceptions.

The first exception was when President Gaafar Muhammad an-Nimeiry who reigned from 1969 to 1985, declared Jonglei as a province in the old united Sudan.

The traditional leaders convened and gave Nimeiry a number of white in appreciation of his decision to grant the area a provincial status.

The second batch of white cows is coming to Uganda, is in appreciation for the deployment of UPDF in South Sudan in late 2013 when the country was engulfed in a bloody internal conflict.

The Ugandan army is credited by observers for preventing a possible genocide since the war had precariously taken ethnic inclination.

Gen. Ayom also told reporters at the UPDF  farewell function that white cows are very important items in their culture and Museveni was found worthy to get them.

“The white cows in the great culture of Dinka are not something small. We only give them out for special occasions. UPDF saved us here and this is pretty worthwhile,” Gen. Malual Ayom said.

The UPDF, which entered South Sudan on 19th December 2013 for urgent evacuation of foreign nationals and taking charge of sensitive installations, started withdrawing from the country this week.

Their withdrawal follows the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in August by the government of Salva Kiir and the rebels of Dr. Machar.

According to the agreement, all foreign forces are supposed to exit the country. UPDF`s presence in South Sudan was guaranteed by a bilateral agreement known as Status of Forces Agreement signed between the government of Kampala and Juba.

The peace agreement mediated by the region automatically superseded the bilateral agreement hence the withdrawal.


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