Why Mugisha Muntu is the Most Qualified Candidate for Next President of Uganda

By: Boaz Byayesu

Gen. Mugisha Muntu possesses all the best qualities of a great leader such as patriotism, dosage purpose and vision, information pills professionalism, health integrity, accountability and transparency, good character, Honesty and trust, flexibility in strength, knowledge and intelligence, likeability and electability.

His prospective competitors, despite their many sound qualities, have great political disadvantages such as characteristics and elements of authoritarianism bordering autocracy hence the public anxiety and fear for the return of the ugly state research and ‘panda gali’ politics including the possibility of man-made revenge laws.

Mugisha Muntu seems to also enjoy tremendous favors, great performance scores and electability polls not only in the opposition but also in the movement government given the strong recommendations from high profile politicians including the NRM Secretary General, Madam Justine Lumumba and Minister Hillary Onek and many others across the political spectrum.

A number of people with whom I have shared ideas and opinions about matters of leadership particularly regarding the political future of Uganda have unanimously zeroed in on Mugisha muntu irrespective of their party affiliations and ideological differences.

They all view Mugisha Muntu as the most reasonable, most balanced and better qualified person to replace President Museveni after his term of office in 2021.

As a public servant and a private citizen as well, Mugisha Muntu is loved and respected by all. This man has very unique qualities being the good reasons for the tremendous appreciation of this great leader by anyone knowledgeable of his character and his works, and anyone privy to the leadership matters of Uganda.

The Humbling Story of Mugisha Muntu

Mugisha Muntu despite being a son of high profile member of UPC at the time, he chose to oppose his father’s party and courageously decided to join the unpredictable liberation struggle in the Luwero bushes. Just imagine!

Muntu, like all his fellow heroic bush war comrades, dedicated himself to the cause of freedom and the pursuit of justice of Uganda with great resilience and unique discipline.

This is evidenced by his stellar performance both as an intelligence chief and as a frontline commander in the bush war.

In 1989, he was appointed army commander, the job he performed distinctively well with very impressive results and achievements to the satisfaction of the commander-in-chief, the top brass of the army, rank and file soldiers and the Ugandan public.

Mugisha Muntu brought to the leadership of the army institution the professional and ethical character as well as the accountable leadership which Gen. Aronda Nyakairima eventually picked on as another disciplined professional soldier.

But the pioneer of transformation and accountability in the army is Mugisha Muntu.

I have tremendous admiration and great respect as well as personal liking for the other two Ugandan heroes namely Gen. David Tinyefuza and Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye owing to their heroic works, unmatched courage and firm principles all in the name and spirit of their country.

However, when it comes to a person who determines and oversees all the decisions and plans of all Ugandans about their dear lives and precious future plans, I have some serious reservations about their fitness for the office of president of the Republic of Uganda.

Thus, I gather the gut and toughen the nerve to say No to their bidding at this time and in this era.

Here is why: These two great men seem to be too angry at president Museveni to appreciate any of his great deeds and accomplishments, and even to forgive and let go and open a new chapter in the interest of every Ugandan so as to heal the nation in case President Museveni wronged and mistreated them.

Secondly, they seem to possess the characteristics of authoritarianism with elements of military autocracy.

These practices, I am afraid, may lead the country back to the days of Chimbia Chimbia, not excluding the politics of revenge.

At least, president Museveni may micro-manage the country, oversee corruption and sideline his critics but this great man neither kills nor sends Ugandans to exile with the intention of alienation and extermination.

Fellow Ugandans, Unity, peace and security are the primary prerequisites for good economics and good politics hence social stability and political transformation.

Our country has come a long way and must not go back to that regrettable situation. Uganda now needs an agent of unity carrying the message of team work on a united front for a common cause but not the divisive toxic rhetoric for power.

Thirdly, although president Museveni has obviously degenerated from the original principles and ideals of the NRM revolution particularly pertaining to the key tenet of democracy which is peaceful transition of power plus other mechanisms for the balance of power and accountable leadership.

This man has also done a lot of not only good things but great works and amazing achievements for our country. That is very true.

Singularly, in comparative politics, where he found Uganda and where he has been able to push it is just an unimaginable walk! His works and achievements ought to be recognized and mentioned by any credible, fair and serious contender of the same office.

Give him a credit for that and then respectfully criticize him on many other failures as you give better policy plans and smarter strategies for a much better leadership in a respectful and peaceful manner.

That way, very many Ugandans would see some sense in that fair criticism and a balanced approach to policy issues and some serious concerns of the country such as corruption and abuse of public office.

Yes, one can be strong yet peaceful and calmly aggressive. Let the strategies such as deep-rooted grass-root structures be your tough tools. There should be better alternative policy designs and smarter leadership strategies as well as well prioritized and structured solutions for the defined problems.

As a result, a performer opponent, a leader as opposed to a rhetorical politician gradually wins the minds and hearts of the people even if he/she doesn’t end up in State house.

The problem with African opposition politicians is that they all want to occupy the office of president without equipping and empowering the people or teaming up with them to solve common problems without using them to achieve their (politicians) main goal.

Ladies and gentlemen, anyone can criticize and anyone can oppose but not anyone can lead and govern. If that were the case, I Boaz Byayesu would be my excellency.

Therefore, why and how are the key questions for any meaningful prospective leader and a future generation of better leaders but not rhetorical politicians.

Mugisha Muntu is the most qualified prospective Museveni successor as president of Uganda so far.

He is amazingly patriotic and purpose-oriented. He is profoundly professional, very dignified, and evidently incorruptible.

He is irrefutably strong and principled but flexible and compromising when necessary. He is respectful and respectable. He is wise and intelligent. He is truthful and transparent hence reliable.

Mugisha Muntu has adequate knowledge, reasonable and polished intellect and a patriotic vision for his country. He is a champion of a daring courage yet a measured ambition. He is a man of good character and impressive charisma in his cool calmness and firm confidence.

He is a trustworthy leader with great integrity. Most importantly, he is a good listener who seems to unite ally with others but not drive his own boat.

Honestly, Mugisha Muntu is the only most inspirational, reliable and unifying leader that many Ugandans can entrust their future with and rally behind for a defined purpose and a safe, better future for all of us including our sitting president.

My only advice to Gen. Muntu is for him to find ways of mending fences with Gen. Museveni.

They have their Luwero secrets we only imagine and utter but cannot contemplate. In politics, there is neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies. Gen. Muntu, it is only if you can be endorsed by the big man that you can smoothly sail through.

And many people know that Mzee Yoweri Kaguta Museveni liked you so much and he still admires your qualities and character.

Folks, no one can lead Uganda without Ssabarwanyi’s endorsement. That has been absolutely proven impossible. At least, not around this time.

Boaz Byayesu lives in Virginia, USA.


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