Why Amongi’s Cabinet Post Gives Hope to UPC

More cracks are emerging inside opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) following the appointment of Oyam South Member of Parliament, page http://copperking.co.zw/components/com_k2/views/itemlist/tmpl/generic_item.php Betty Amongi to serve as Minister of Lands in the NRM government.

Despite Amongi’s expressed readiness to serve in the NRM government, more about http://centreduplateau.qc.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-meta-query.php some party members have seen this as betrayal to the party principals while others believe it as an opportunity for the party that is strategizing to take power in the 2021 general elections.

Chimpreports has learnt that the party held a heated cabinet meeting on Monday till late in the night, http://culture.you-ng.it/wp-admin/maint/repair.php which ended with no substantive decision as members hurled insults at each other.

Reports also indicate some members of Dr Milton Obote’s family have asked their son Jimmy Akena, who is also the current UPC President to divorce his wife Amongi, who they call a traitor.

The opposition party has been prompted to call an urgent two days National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting from Saturday, May 11 to Sunday, 12th to resolve the fracas surrounding Amongi’s appointment before vetting of the minsters in Parliament starts on Tuesday next week.

The party spokesperson, Michael Orach Osinde told Chimpreports on Friday that the NEC will on Saturday and Sunday meet at a retreat in Kampala to measure the risks and opportunities of taking the ministerial post.

“We want to take up the appointment as a party organ and that’s why we’ve called for the cabinet members so as to gauge the risks and opportunities and thereafter take up a unified position that will be presented to the National Council to either approve or reject the appointment,” Osinde noted.

Osinde said that the party will also use the retreat to evaluate their performance in the previous general elections and strategize on how to take the presidency of the country in 2021.

Asked whether Amongi won’t defect to the National Resistance Movement (NRM once approved by the council, Osinde was confident, such a staunch Congresswoman wouldn’t defect.

Osinde however attacked the UPC defacto President, Olara Otunnu’s legal advisor and Milton Obote Foundation (MOF) board of Trustee Chairman, Peter Walubiri for misleading the public that the appointment is a result of the marriage between UPC and NRM.

“Walubiri should stop playing bad politics; how could he advice his boss Olara Ounnu to appoint Prof. Edward Kakonge as the party’s National Chairman yet he knew that Kakonge had just finished serving in the NRM government as a Minister of Local Government,” Osinde observed.


A number of benefits underlie the decision by the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC)’s National Council to take up the ministerial post.

First, the country’s second oldest political party is critically underfunded. A number of its properties are said to have been sold off by some members of the Milton Obote Foundation.

The MOF has withheld funds from the Uganda House building which houses the party headquarters.  The Foundation, whose members pay allegiance to the ousted President Olara Otunnu, are supposed to allocate the funds to party activities as well as educating unprivileged sons and daughters of the Congressmen.

A housing estate in Kyambogo, an industrial park in the Industrial Area Kampala and buildings in Mbale town, have all been sold off without the approval of party organs.

It is believed that once the party’s first lady takes up the ministerial post, her first task will be gaining access to such land files which the party has been denied access.

UPC’s Orient Bank Account was frozen by courts of law.

However, Amongi serving in the NRM government as a minister might as well cost the party’s internal cohesion and may continue to be seen an extension of the NRM and not a genuine opposition party.

The appointment comes on the heels of accusations that the party president Jimmy Akena sold the party to President Museveni. UPC supported and campaigned for President Museveni in the past elections.

In case Amongi falls to deliver as expected in her Ministerial position, the NRM might use it to always throw dirty at the opposition who have time and again criticized NRM carders for poor service delivery and corruption.

The appointment might cause many party members to defect to NRM for financial gains without fear of any disciplinary actions against them since they are following in the footsteps of their first lady.


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