Why Africell Triple Data is the Real Deal

dial *133*8# to load your Triple data

By Micheal Mukuve 

Africell recently unveiled Triple Data, currently the best data offer in Uganda, going by the amount of data you get versus the amount of money you pay.

Triple Data, as the name suggests, implies a times three reciprocation of your data bundle; meaning you get three times your money’s worth of data on your daily bundle.

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You have the freedom to select your bundle depending on how much data you need. Take a look at the options:

Buy (Daily bundle)          Get                        Cost

200Mbs                                600Mbs                3200Shs

300Mbs                                900Mbs                4500Shs

500Mbs                                1.5GB                    6,500Shs

1GB                                        3GB                        12,000Shs

Stream, skype and download fearlessly

That implies freedom to do data intensive tasks such as downloading, streaming, skyping and video calling. Even Netflix if you like! According to Netflix, (, “watching TV shows or movies on Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video.”

Better experience with the Africell 4G Mi-Fi

You may want to use your data on your devices for instance a laptop, tablet or a smart TV to make the experience even more thrilling; or maybe you want to create a shared spot for your home or even small workspace with your colleagues at office – either way, the Africell 4G screen MiFi is one sure way to achieve unobstructed enjoyment with your every #TripleData load.

Achieve speeds

Do you want to enjoy 4G super speeds? Do you want to track your data use, how many people are tapping your internet if any and such other critical issues? Then this 4G MiFi by Africell is the data device you have looking for.

Here are the good reasons why:

  • It comes with a 4G SIM for full throttle browsing
  • It has a screen which displays the network strength
  • It shows how much data you’ve used per session
  • It also shows how many people are connected to your MiFi hotspot at any given time

How to activate

Simply dial *133*8# to load your Triple data. If you have no SIM, buy your 4G LTE SIM from any Africell shop at only 500Shs.

The 4G screen MiFi is available at all Africell shops for only Shs149,000 inclusive of a 5GB starter pack for your enjoyment.


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