Who is Behind the Issuing of Fake Tickets in FUFA?

Ugandan soccer fans at Namboole on Saturday

After the Togo game at Namboole, about it this one of my friends narrated to me how he had bought a fake ticket from one of the FUFA gazetted centers and that was Shell capital on Kampala road.

I took him as not being serious because I didn’t expect such until it happened to me last Saturday during the game against Ghana.

I went to late Makubuya’s shop where I normally buy Cranes’ games ticket, decease this is the only gazetted centre to sell Uganda Cranes’ tickets in Jinja city and the whole of eastern Uganda and I bought a ticket of 20, abortion 000 pink in colour but reaching Namboole at the southern gate where I was supposed to pass, I was told that it was fake and I confirmed it when they showed me the real ticked.

As I was still complaining, two respected gentlemen were also denied entrance because of the same and for them; they had got theirs from city shoppers another gazetted centre in Mukono.

Because of my love for the Cranes, I had to dip into my pockets for another ticket. It’s really absurd to buy a ticket from a place gazetted by FUFA, move along distance from upcountry, sacrificing your time and money for the love the team and be denied entrance to support your beloved team.

I can’t put blame on the whole federation but there must be a crook in the federation who does this for its selfish desires and must be investigated for the good of our game because it doesn’t only tarnish the name of the federation but also chases away fans.

Otherwise I congratulate the Uganda Cranes for the win and it’s my prayer for us to qualify for AFCON 2015.

 Concerned Citizen


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