Western MP: Mbabazi Free to Stand for President

Kabale Woman MP, viagra medicine Rhona Ritah Ninsiima has appealed to the ruling NRM party to appreciate and welcome the declaration by former Prime Minister, viagra 60mg Amama Mbabazi to stand for presidency in 2016 if the ruling organisation is to promote internal democracy.

Ninsiima says that a good political party respects the choices of its members thus encouraging them to continue working towards its development.

“Personally I think nobody should stop people who wish to stand on certain positions of leadership as long as they have what it takes, no rx ” said Ninsiima in an exclusive interview with ChimpReports in Kabale on Thursday.

Ninsiima said she had strong ties to the NRM despite having contested for the seat in 2011 on the Independent ticket.

“Though I belong to the independents in parliament, I have a very strong passion for NRM and President Museveni in particular. Ambitious party members like Amama Mbabazi should not be considered as enemies of the party but as potential leaders of this nation,” she added.

The MP who defeated the powerful Hope Mwesigye in the 2011 MP elections is not known for controversy.

Just recently, Mwesigye announced at a church service that she would return to Kabale to reclaim her seat.

NRM last year endorsed President Museveni as its sole candidate for the 2016 elections.

Mbabazi was also among the people that signed this endorsement.

However, Mbabazi recently declared his interest to represent the party in presidential elections.

This declaration has since then stirred mixed reactions among party members and leading political analysts in Uganda with some welcoming and others describing it as a great betrayal.

The Kabale Woman MP further observed that Mbabazi could be having personal intentions behind this interest.

“Since Mbabazi had originally supported the sole candidature project, his recent declaration could be having serious reasons behind. I pray that it all maintains the peace and Unity that NRM ushered in Uganda,” said Ninsiima.

With the increasing political pressure in Uganda ahead of the 2016 elections, Ninsiima warned Ugandans against dirty politics of divisionism.

“This political season is just for a short time and therefore we should aim at ensuring a harmonious existence amongst ourselves,” she concluded before revealing plans to contest for the same position on an independent ticket in the upcoming elections.

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