We’ll Dig Out The Alshabaab Like a Jigger – Museveni

President Museveni greet's Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta at the country's independence day celebrations in Nairobi

The Uganda Police have called upon the public to avoid receiving fliers and posters from opposition political party members and other activists of their newly launched campaign dubbed “Citizen Reform Now (CIREN)”.

“We have received intelligence information that the opposition has hired youth and have been staged in different places around Namugongo to distribute fliers and posters during the Martyrs day celebrations. They are intended to taint President Yoweri Museveni’s image before the public, sale ” Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango told press at the Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala.

Onyango said that police is hunting for the youths who are distributing the posters from different bars and restaurants and if got, they will be charged in accordance with the law.

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“I therefore call on the public not to respond and avoid receiving the fliers.”

The campaign dubbed ‘Citizens’ Reforms Now’ was launched by opposition members last month to pile pressure on government to accept proposed electoral reforms which include the disbanding of the current Electoral Commission.
President Yoweri Museveni has said he and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta have finalized a strategy that will put a final end to the Somali based terror group Alshabaab.

President Museveni was on Monday speaking at the Kenyan Madaraka [Independence] day celebrations in Nairobi where he paid homage to the dozens of students at the Garissa University that were recently murdered by the terror group.

He said the Alshabaab over the years had demonstrated their inability to put up an armed resistance and thus resorted to killing innocent people.

“After the sad incident, treatment I wrote a letter in the news because I have been fighting these bandits for a long time; I know a great deal about them, ” said Museveni.

“I say that Alshabaab has been defeated because in combat, page if you are strong; you attack the enemy’s camp. There we say you have the ability.  If you cannot attack the enemy camp, then at least you waylay the enemy fighters and stage and ambush. But if you can’t do either one of the two, then we say you have been defeated.”

“If you have some commonsense, it’s better for you to opt for pea talks. But if you are foolish like the Alshabaab, you say let me now kill the civilians.”

Added Museveni; “Back home, they [Alshabaab] came and hurled a hand grenade in a night club. People in the night club have absolutely no knowledge about politics. They are simply enjoying themselves, they are just drunkards. What do you benefit from killing a drunkard?”

Comparing the terror group to a jigger, Museveni said he had finally found ‘medicine’ to their current practice of killing innocent soft targets.

“Some people are scared, but I am not. I have spoken to President Kenyatta, about certain things on this matter, but one sure thing is the Alshabaab are finished.  This business they have resorted to of killing soft targets like school children, I can confirm, we have found the medicine.”

He added, “When a jigger enters your foot, the whole foot is itching. But you cannot cut off the whole foot because there is a jigger. You just get hold of a needle and careful dig out the parasite alone without affect the rest of the foot.”



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