We Will Not Punish Ingrid, Says Muntu

The Forum for Democratic Change will not be taking punitive action against the party’s Mobilization Secretary Ingrid Turinawe for her wayward behavior this week, pill President Mugisha Muntu has hinted.

Muntu today termed Mrs. Ingrid’s disobedience of the party’s decision to withdraw her from the contest for the East African Legislative Assembly as a “secondary contradiction.”

Mrs. Turinawe on Thursday openly challenged a letter by President Muntu to Parliament withdrawing her from the race. She said on social media that the decision was taken without her knowledge and consent and insisted she was still in the race.

Muntu and the FDC whip Semujju Nganda claimed the decision was taken by party structures, capsule (which is being contested by the FDC secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi) according to reports.

While the standoff persists, sickness Gen Muntu has said the party will not be taking any disciplinary action against Mrs. Turinawe.

Muntu told the Capital Gang radio show on Saturday that he is trying to build an environment in FDC that doesn’t rush to punish errant behavior but encourages dissenting views.

He went on to categorize the current stand off as secondary in nature, which he said should only be ignored.

“There are primary and secondary contradictions, and you must learn how to manage both,” he said.

“You must build an environment where you don’t go punitive on a person who might be involved in a secondary contradiction. If you go punitive to this person, what is secondary might now become primary; so you ignore that. You continue to do things which are right…that is where we are focused.”

This according to the FDC president is how he has managed most of the serous disagreements within the party, during his tenure.

“I am glad that four years under my leadership, we have gone though turbulence almost every other time. But as we go through turbulence, we learn.

“We have created this culture because the moment we take power, it is this culture that will determine how we will manage the country. If you build a culture of fear and intolerance, once you get into power and you have weapons and money it will be worse.”

Without referring directly to Mrs. Turinawe, Gen Muntu highlighted a problem in Uganda of people with no qualities rushing to take up important leadership positions.

This he said has been exacerbated under President Museveni’s regime.

“We have lowered the bar of leadership to the lowest level possible. It now seems that anybody can become a leader at any level,” said Muntu.

But under these circumstances he noted, these unqualified and inexperienced leaders must be afforded an opportunity to learn especially those that are able and willing to.

He however warned, “Those who are unable to learn, time is ruthless in terms of phasing out people who are incapable of learning.”

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