We Owe Nothing to Makerere – Stresses MUBS

Misunderstandings are brewing between Makerere University and its business school MUBS over the students’ fees payment policies.

Makerere University recently threatened to block students from MUBS from graduating come February 21st, claiming that that the Nakawa institution owes them.

According to the Makerere Bursar Augustine Tamale, MUBS owes them up to Shs. 4billion in functional fees.

The bursar days ago wrote to MUBS Vice Chancellor Prof Wasswa Balunya about the said debt and threatened that the students would not be allowed to graduate if this money is not cleared.

MUBS however, deny they owe anything to Makerere and stress that the Bursar is illegally trying to tamper with the existing fees remittance arrangements.

The Makerere Bursar Tamale has reportedly gone as far as ordering MUBS students to pay directly into the accounts of Makerere if they want to graduate.

MUBS collects functional and examination fees which it remits to Makerere University periodically and Makerere also collect money on behalf of MUBS and there are set policies that regulate this arrangement. .

According to MUBs spokesperson Peter Odoki, upon receiving correspondences from MUK about the said debt, they investigated and found that the Makerere University Bursar has changed the revenue sharing percentages without MUBs involvement, and that he proceeded to communicate this information to students to pay to Makerere accounts directly.

“MUBS administration was shocked by this method of work,” said Odoki on Tuesday.

He explains that while it is not impossible to adjust the existing sharing agreements between the two campuses, “there is a procedure for changing such agreements, and no such change has been initiated.”

He said, “We are shocked to learn that the Makerere University Bursar issued circulars to students to pay directly to Makerere and now turns round to demand payment from MUBS. He is asking who he has no control over to pay into Makerere accounts and we have learnt that MUBS students are being denied their rights to clear for graduation.”

The Bursar Tamale reportedly also introduced an affiliation fee, which MUBS say is in contravention of Sec. 132 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act,

“NOT only is this fee illegal but so is the procedure that introduced it.”

Odoki stresses that the procedure of introducing any new payment to be collected from students, requires Council approval and University Secretary’s communication and is only applicable to new students who are joining the institution.

To impose charges on continuing students he says is not a practice of Makerere University.

Our efforts to reach Makerere’s spokesperson Ritah Namisango for clarification were still fruitless as her phones were switched off.

Mr Odoki however, revealed that the MUBS VC Prof Wasswa Balunywa was engaging Makerere’s Prof Ddumba Sentamu on the matter to have it addressed.


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