We Have the Support of the Army – MP Anite Warns Age Limit Bill Opponents

MP Evelyn Anite
MP Evelyn Anite

The battle lines have been drawn. As the country waits with anxiety for the tabling the controversial bill to remove the presidential age limit from the constitution; threats and pointed words have started to be thrown around from both camps of the protagonists and opponents of the amendment.

There will be fist fights on the floor of parliament; some have threatened. “The Bill will not be tabled. We are going to  the gym,” Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko warned on Tuesday.

The architects and supporters of the Bill to amend article 102 of the constitution in the other corner, won’t take the threats while lying down.

Today, a whole bunch of them addressed press at Parliament and fired back.

“For us in Northern Uganda we don’t go to the gym,” said Investment Junior Minister Evelyn Anite, one of the pillars of the Bill. “We are naturally fit. Those who threatened to box us, if you want to beat people, go and compete with Golola.”

The Minister, who spoke with anger, said the opponents of the bill are a small minority and cannot threaten them.

“You cannot intimidate a ruling party. For them they are looking for support, but we are not. We are the party in government; we have the support of the magye (military).

She added, “We have 265 members who have supported this bill. We have the numbers; we have the people; this is the battle of the brain.

“We heard they are threatening to beat us; we shall not beat them physically but on the floor of the house. But if the worse comes to worst; we are not going to the gym. They should know that we are the ones in charge. If they cannot outsmart us, they should shut up and wait for Ugandans to decide.”

Anite says the MPs in support of the Amendment are simply doing what they were sent in the House to do.

“You cannot tell me ‘togikwatako,’ when that is my job. So, you are asking me not to do my job? We shall amend that constitution! If we want to do amend it 10 times we shall do it,” she said.

The Bill was scheduled to be tabled on the floor of Parliament today Thursday but Chimpreports learnt earlier that there was not indication of its tabling.

Sources inside NRM informed us that it was thought wise to wait for the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga to handle the matter herself next week.


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