We Didn’t Authorize LoP to Campaign for Kazibwe -FDC

Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza (R) together with Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga (C) meeting with Cameroonian Deputy Speaker of Parliament Emelia Lifaka on he hunt for support for Dr Speciosa Kazibwe

With barely two months into her new office, website like this http://cjs.coop/wp/wp-includes/theme-compat/embed.php the Parliamentary Leader of Opposition Hon Winnie Kiiza is at the center of yet another point of controversy that is threatening cohesion inside her party the Forum for Democratic Change.

Mrs. Kiiza is being challenged this time by a section of FDC leaders for standing behind Dr Specioza Wandira Kazibwe who is seeking to be elected the next Head of the African Union Commission at the ongoing African Union Summit in Kigali Rwanda.
Mrs. Kiiza together with the Parliamentary Clerk Hon Cecilia Ogwal has been on the team traversing the continent to drum support for the former Ugandan Vice President.

At the start of last week, the Leader of Opposition, together with Speaker Rebecca Kadaga travelled to Cameroon where they met with the country’s Prime Minister “on behalf of President Museveni and the candidate Dr Kazibwe.”

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A number of FDC party leaders and some members were displeased with Mrs Kiiza and some of them came out and openly condemned her decision to campaign for Kazibwe whose ethical track record, they say, may shove Uganda in negative light on the continent.

The FDC’s Chief Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe said if elected to chair the AU Commission, Dr Kazibwe would be a “great example” of what Uganda is.

“We send delegations to travel and campaign for her house to house across the continent. We can also buy salt and soap to these African voters. Let’s export our rigging tips to make sure she is declared winner at all cost,” She posted on her Facebook page.

FDC has not come out to officially pronounce itself on Kiiza and Ogwal. Chimpreports tried without success to get a comment from the Party spokesperson Hon Semujju Nganda.

However the FDC Deputy Secretary General Mr. Harold Kaija confirmed to us in a telephone interview that the two leaders Winnie Kiiza and Cecilia Ogwal did not seek the opinion of the party leadership before joining the Kazibwe’s campaign trail.

“There was no such meeting of any party organ that permitted them to campaign for Mrs Kazibwe. They took this up as a personal initiative,” he said.

Mr Kaija in a rather despondent tone equated the actions of Mrs Kiiza and Ogwal, to “standing on a podium to campaign for President Museveni himself.”

He said the two women were “punching into a venture that the opposition party was unlikely to benefit from.”

Besides being NRM, Kaija noted, that Dr Specioza was not the kind of person that FDC leaders should be fronting, owning to a number of corruption cases she has been named in.

“It’s not like they are campaigning for a Bishop; Dr Kazibwe’s track record is common knowledge, is not very appealing.”

He added, “As a party, if the two ladies had consulted us, we would have to make a cost – benefit analysis.

“Clearly as a country, we are not benefiting from these things. The other day we had Hon Sam Kuteesa as President General of the United Nations. We cannot point at anything that we benefitted from his term. In fact many Ugandans don’t even know whether or not he came back.”

Kaija further described Hon Kiiza and Cecilia Ogwal’s actions as “impunity as always,” and revealed that once the unhappy party members bring up this matter for discussion, it will be handled amicably.

While on here trip to Cameroon however, the Leader of Opposition said her decision to campaign for Kazibwe was not hinged on party politics.

She said she wanted to let other countries know that Kazibwe is not just an NRM Candidate but a candidate of Uganda, as a country.


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