We Cannot Provide the Leader of Opposition – DP

DP Spokesperson Kennth Paul Kakande

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has distanced itself from the apparent opportunity to lead the opposition wing in Parliament, malady http://consolibyte.com/scripts/build/build_20130608/quickbooks.php alluding to the fact that they don’t have the numeric strength that suits the position.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) yesterday announced that they won’t be appointing any person with the title “Leader of Opposition (LOP)” for the 10th Parliament, sickness saying that they are not an opposition party, having won the February Presidential elections.

FDC by virtue of having the biggest number of MPs in Parliament are required to select amongst themselves the Parliamentary Leader of Opposition.

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The party however announced yesterday that they will only be appointing the Leader of FDC, not LOP at Parliament.

Democratic Party which automatically becomes the next option from where to pick the LOP has also declined this opportunity.

“As DP with 15 Members of Parliament; we are not the party to lead the opposition in the house, NRM and FDC must now sort themselves out on who will lead the opposition,” noted the party spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande on Tuesday.

“There are still contradictions between FDC and NRM on who leads government and they should therefore chose among themselves who leads the opposition,” Kakande said.

“Our responsibility is to elect our Chief Whip, which process has already started and soon we will be announcing him or her.”

Meanwhile the Democratic Party appealed to the leadership of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA); both the politicians and the technocrats to find middle ground in order to offer the people of Kampala the necessary services.

Kakande said that the relationship characterized with foes and friends must and should be abandoned, and that mutual understanding in the KCCA management must be reached.

“Both the political and the technical wings have their roles well stipulated under the law; Egocentric politics will not solve the problems faced in the city including pot-holed roads, inadequate garbage collection, equitable service delivery, street lighting and traffic management as well as mutual respect for all the city dwellers.”


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