Election 2016

We are Ready to Crush Election Violence – Military Police Commander

Commander of the Military Police Col Emmanuel Kanyesigye addressing press at their headquarters in Mbuya on Friday

Counting down to the February 18 general elections, and information pills http://coastalallergycare.com/wp-admin/includes/menu.php the Military Police have added their voice to the stern caution against opposition-led election violence.

More warnings have been sounded by President Yoweri Museveni and the heads of the Uganda Police Force and the National Army under which the lethal Military Police falls.

Commander of the Military Police Col. Emmanuel Kanyesigye told reporters this Friday morning at their headquarters in Mbuya that his force is ready to strike hard any uprisings during and after the oncoming election exercise.

“If anyone tries to destabilize the smooth running of the electoral process, treat we shall not allow this to happen. We will definitely take action to return the situation to normal,” Col. Kanyesigye told journalists.

“We have on many occasions done joint operations together the police and other sister security organs. Our comrades the police and intelligence personnel are on ground and there is no need to fear because it is our role to ensure that peace prevails.”

The Military Police was primarily involved in quelling the 2011 post election “walk to work” protests led by FDC’s Col Dr Kizza Besigye in which five people were shot dead, dozens critically injured and hundreds locked up in jail.

Besigye, who is in the presidential race again, has built his campaign on the message of “Defiance,” urging his supporters to rise up against the regime’s efforts to rig the elections.

Asked to comment on politicians who have formed groups to guard against election malpractice, the military police boss warned that these will not be allowed anywhere near the voting areas because they are illegal and cannot be allowed to participate in anything that may disrupt the elections.

“If you know of any such groups, you should let us know and we shall deal with them. The mandate of protecting votes is for police and no one else’s.”

On the different militia groups formed by politicians, Col. Kanyesigye stressed that these too are illegal and won’t be tolerated because they are not enshrined in the law.

He however reassured the public not be unsettled by these preparatory measures and urged them to enthusiastically partake in the election exercise.



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