PHOTOS: We are Being Tortured – Kaweesi Murder Suspects Tell Court

One of the suspects showing his scarred body out side the court room yesterday. Police says suspects have not been touched as they claim

The 13 people accused of masterminding the murder of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi have decried what they called inhumane treatment they have suffered in detention.

These were today Friday brought to the Nakawa Magistrate’s court at around 1:00pm in a convoy of two police patrols and vans, healing guarded by police counter terrorism operatives.

The accused appeared before Nakawa Grade One Magistrate Noah Ssajjabbi for mention of their case, search which didn’t take place.

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However, page state prosecutor Racheal Nabwire told court that investigations were still ongoing before asking for more time.

The suspects on arrival at the court

The suspects on arrival at the court

Shortly after the state prosecutor had spoken, all the 13 raised their hands prompting the magistrate to give time to one of them to speak out.

“Your worship, I am a true citizen of Uganda but I was tortured physically and psychologically while in detention,” Joshua Kyambadde told court.

The suspects spoke in unison about their alleged torture in detention

The suspects spoke in unison about their alleged torture in detention

“The previous time, you ordered that we should be remanded to Luzira government prison but we were driven back to Nalufenya where we have since then been tortured from.”

Other suspects butted in saying they sleep and spend days on handcuffs while in detention, asking the magistrate to intervene.

ChimpReports was unable to verify these accusations leveled against police.

The law enforcement body has previously denied claims of torturing detainees, saying it respects the dignity of suspects in custody.

Some of the relatives of the suspects broke down seeking the condition of their people

Some of the relatives of the suspects broke down seeing the condition of their people

The visibly troubled suspects continued narrating their plight in detention as the magistrate tried to calm them down.

“I have heard all your complaints but this court has no jurisdiction to do anything .You are remanded to Luzira prison until May 18th,” the magistrate noted.

State Attorney Nabwire did not provide a response to these claims as she had already made her submission before court to have the suspects returned to jail pending conclusion of investigations.

On leaving the courtroom, the suspects, many of them unable to walk straight cried out to journalists about their condition.

Many of them had swollen feet, wounds on chests and fingers whereas others put on almost rags as their clothes looked dirty.

The relatives broke down, watching in horror as their loved ones boarded police vehicles back to jail.

“My son was arrested from his garden. He was taken with his dirty clothes but today I saw him without a shirt,” said Shabana Kasule, father to Ahmed Ssenfuka, one of the suspects whom he says was picked from Seeta.

“He has never participated in anything and I was surprised seeing him in the news that he had been charged with murdering Kaweesi.”

AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was shot dead by unknown assailants last month as he left his home in Kulambiro together with his bodyguard and driver.

The 13 people charged of masterminding the killing of Kaweesi include Abdu Ashid Mbazira ,  Higenyi Aramazan Noordin alias Abdallahzack, Mugerwa Yusuf alias Wilson, Bruhan Balyejusa alias Masiga Jimmy Oguttu, Maganda Umar Aramathan, Ahamad Senfuka Shaban alias Sheik Tawheed, Hassan Tumusiime, Ibrahim Kissa alias Colonel Ibra, Osman Mohammed Omarete alias Hirya, Magamabo Hamidu alias Kan Yam, Abdu Majid Ojerere, Kyambadde Joshua Magezi alias Abdu Rahamanand Sheik Musa Ntende Abubakar.

They were indicted of three counts including aggravated robbery, murder and terrorism.


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