Watoto Church Donates 100M to Church Of Uganda

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Rt Rev. Stanley Ntagari has called on Christians to offer their lives as living sacrifices so to receive blessings from God.

“When we offer ourselves to God, pilule medical he will surprise us beyond our imagination”

Rt. Rev. Ntagali also condoned the habit of Christians living double stands by praying in church only to engage in ungodly vices later.

He delivered this message Friday evening while on his maiden visit to Watoto Church Central in Kampala.

The Archbishop hailed Watoto Church for the generosity and ministry to those in need. He referred to it as a vibrant church which started small but has today impacted greatly across Uganda.

Rt. Rev. Ntagali hinted on the common mindset that Ugandans are living in poverty which he disagreed with. He rather blamed it on the rampant corruption and self-centeredness by ‘bad stewards’.

“We need Godly people even in politics to bring change and get rid of corruption in Uganda” added the Archbishop.

Founder of Watoto Church in Uganda Pastor Garry Skinner thanked Church of Uganda for its committed work. He handed a cheque worth UGx 100M to the Archbishop as contribution towards the construction of Church House in Kampala.

Pr. Garry told the gathering that hope dwells in the church which is union in Christ but not division in denomination.



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